Michael Sosteric – Editorial – Welcome to the New EJS

Augusto De Venanzi – Discursive and Social Practices in the Construction of Exclusion: A Comparative Study

Catherine Simpson Bueker – The Personal is Political: The Relationship between Marital Status and Immigrant Political Incorporation

Bruce Burnett – Resistance in Education: Japanese and Western Theoretical sites 1948-1980

Kristin Natalier – Avoiding the Housework: Domestic Labour and Gender in Group Living Contexts

Max Koch – Closure Theory and Citizenship: The Northern Ireland Experience

Eric G. Lambert, Nancy Lynne Hogan and Shannon M. Barton – Collegiate Academic Dishonesty Revisited: What Have They Done, How Often Have They Done It, Who Does It, And Why Did They Do It?

Brad West – Synergies in Deviance: Revisiting the Positive Deviance Debate

Number 3 (November 03)

Fran M. Collyer – Theorising Privatisation: Policy, Network Analysis, and Class

David Crawford – Becoming a Man – The Views and Experiences of Some Second Generation Australian Males

Number 2 (July 03)

Jessie L. Krienert – Masculinity and Crime: A Quantitative Exploration of Messerschmidt’s Hypothesis

Milan Zafirovski – Human Rational Behavior and Economic Rationality

Jason L. Powell and Simon Biggs – Foucauldian Gerontology: A Methodology for Understanding Aging

Number 1 (April 03)

Neil J. MacKinnon, Jeffery D. Molson and J. Douglas May – Physician Interventions in the Dying Process: A Causal Model of Physician Attitudes and the Subjective Likelihood of Engaging in Active Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide, and Withholding Treatment to Terminally-Ill Patients

Almudena Moreno Mìnguez – The Late Emancipation of Spanish Youth: Keys For Understanding

Volume 6


René Levy, Eric Widmer and Jean Kellerhals – Modern family or modernized family traditionalism?: Master status and the gender order in Switzerland

Thomas Volken – Elements of Trust: The Cultural Dimension of Internet Diffusion Revisited

Number Three (August 02)

Foreword from the Editor: Special Issue on Affect Control Theory

Lisa Rashotte – Incorporating Nonverbal Behaviors into Affect Control Theory

Tara M. Dunphy and Neil J. MacKinnon – A Proposal for Integrating Folklore and Affect Control

Will Kalkhoff – Deliquency and Violence as Affect-Control: Reviving the Subcultrural Approach in Ciminology

Herman W. Smith, Shuuichirou Ike, and Ying Li – Project Magellan Redux: Problems and Solutions with Collecting Cross-cultural Affective Meanings Via the Internet

Andreas Schneider – Probing Unknown Cultures

Number Two (July 02)

Frank Kleemann and Ingo Matuschek – Between Job and Satisfaction: Motivations and Career Orientations of German “High Quality” Call Center Employees

Phillip Vannini and Scott M. Myers – Crazy About You : Reflections on the Meanings of Contemporary Teen Pop Music

Number One (April 02)

Yuliang Liu – What Does Research Say about the Nature of Computer-mediated Communication: Task-Oriented, Social-Emotion-Oriented, or Both?

Jason Powell and M. Edwards – Policy Narratives of Aging: The Right Way, the Third Way or the Wrong Way?

Herb Thompson – Cyberspace and Learning

Volume Five


Loet Leydesdorff & Henry Etzkowitz – The Transformation Of University-industry-government Relations

Number Three (March 01)

Al Bellamy, Cheryl Hanewicz – An Exploratory Analyses Of The Social Nature Of Internet Addiction: A Research Paper Submitted To The Electronic Journal Of Sociology

Norman Dubeski – Durkheim’s Altruism As The Source Of His Social Holism: A Discussion Of The Viability Of A Social Basis For Moral Principles

David R. Heise – Project Magellan: Collecting Cross-cultural Affective Meanings Via The Internet

Kathleen Korgen, Patricia Odell & Phyllis Schumacher – Internet Use Among College Students: Are There Differences By Race/ethnicity?

Number Two (May 00)

Linda A. Mooney & Kevin R. Ousley – Homelessness In A Small Southern City

William Cummings – Interdisciplinary Social Science [HTML | PDF]

Number One (April 00)

G. Coates – Experiencing Performance Appraisal in a Trust Hospital

John Garrick and Robin Usher – Flexible Learning, Contemporary Work And Enterprising Selves

Emanuel Smikun – Timeless Moral Imperatives in Causal Analysis of Social Functioning

Herman W Smith and Takako Nomi – Is Amae the Key to Understanding Japanese Culture?

Volume Four


Nadejda Stahovski – On Structural and Functional Status of Culture in the Social System

Reinald Döbel – Power and Powerlessness in the Global Village: Stepping into the “Information Society” as a “Revolution From Above.”

Mark P. Worrell – The Veil of Piacular Subjectivity: Buchananism and the New World Order

François Larose, et. al – Information and Communication Technologies in University Teaching and in Teacher Education: Journey in a Major Québec University’s Reality

Number Two (April 1999)

An Interactive Poll – Science and Emotion

Joseph D. Diaz – Blood Money: Life, Death, and Plasma on the Las Vegas Strip

Andreas Schneider – Emergent Clusters of Denotative Meaning

Roberto Rodriguez Gomez and Mike Sosteric – Higher Education in Transition: An Agenda for Discussion

Number One (January 1999)

David Locher – Unacknowledged Roots and Blatant Imitation: Postmodernism and the Dada Movement

Mike Sosteric – The EJS and SGML Production: A New Era in Scholarly Communication

Alexander Thomas – Untowning Harwick: Restructuring a Rural Town

Al Bellamy and Cheryl Hanewicz – Social Psychological Dimensions of Electronic Communication

Volume Three


Timothy McGettigan – Redefining Reality: Epiphany as a Standard of Postmodern Truth

Oz Almog – The Problem of Social Type: A Review

Linda A. Mooney and Sarah C. Brabant – Off the Rack: Store Bought Emotions and the Presentation of Self

Alexander R. Thomas – Ronald Reagan and the Commitment of the Mentally Ill: Capital, Interest Groups, and the Eclipse of Social Policy

Number Three (April, 1998 (Special Issue))

Peter Roberts – Rereading Lyotard: Knowledge, Commodification and Higher Education

David Beckett – Disembodied Learning: How Flexible Delivery Shoots Higher Education In The Foot: Well, Sort Of

Janet Atkinson-Grosjean – Illusions of Excellence and the Selling of the University: A Micro- Study

Mike Sosteric, Gina Ratkovic and Mike Gismondi – The University, Accountability, and Market Discipline in the Late 1990s

T.A. Callister and Nicholas C. Burbules – Paying the Piper: The Educational Cost of the Commercialization of the Internet

Number Two (December, 1997)

Evelyn Kallen FRSC – Hate on the Net]

Crystal Hepburn & Ronald Hinch – Researching Serial Murder: Methodological and Definitional Problems

Number One (September, 1997)

Thomas J. Scheff & Suzanne M. Retzinger – Shame, Anger, and the Social Bond: A Theory of Sexual Offenders and Treatment

John Sandlos – Purple Loosestrife and the “Bounding” of Nature in North American Wetlands

Michael D. Mehta – The Public and the Re-licensing of Nuclear Facilities in Canada: The ‘Risk Society’ in Action

Denna Harmon & Scot B. Boeringer – A Content Analysis of Internet-Accessible Written Pornographic Depictions

Volume Two


Michelle Proulx and Brian Campbell – The Professional Practices of Faculty and the Diffusion of Computer Technologies in University Teaching

Juan M. Delgado-Moreira – Cultural Citizenship and the Creation of European Identity

James Curry – The Dialectic of Knowledge-in-Production: Value Creation in Late Capitalism and the Rise of Knowledge-Centered Production

Number Two (November, 1996)

Steve Mainprize – Elective Affinities in the Engineering of Social Control: The Evolution of Electronic Monitoring

Mike Sosteric – Electronic Journals: The Grand Information Future?

Fran Collyer – Frankenstein Meets The Invisible Man: Science, Medicine and a Theory of Invention

Number One (January, 1996)

EDITORIAL – A Response To Sociological Research Online. The Rigour of Peer Review and Other Myths of Science

Greg Smith: Gender Advertisements Revisited: A Visual Sociology Classic?

Rich Ling: Cyber McCarthyism: Witch Hunts in the Living Room

Volume One


Carl Cuneo – The Withering of Trade Union Patriarchy
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Bradley Nash – Sociology Resources on the Internet

Number Two (March, 1995)

Nicholas J. Fox – Intertextuality and the Writing of Social Research

Carl H.A. Dassbach – Comment on Fox

Number One (September, 1994)

Carl H.A. Dassbach – Where is North American Automobile Production Headed: Low-Wage Lean Production

Mauri P. Collins and Zane L. Berge – Professional and Technical Moonlighters

Other Resources


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