2011 July | The Socjournal

So what is intelligence? What is IQ? What makes one person smarter, and thus more deserving of reward, then another. Well, as Tim points out, and according to many psychologists its a magic number. Like a gypsy’s gaze into the crystal ball, this number, derived with suitably esoteric and “unbiased” (not!) scientific instrumentation, reveals all. Or does it? And, as Tim asks, can it? Can a simple number like 42 really reveal all the secrets of the human experience, or is just (as Douglas Adams has suggested) a big joke.

Timothy McGettigan | Jul 14, 2011 | Comments 4

Well it looks like the end of the world is finally here. Obama has just admitted there is no more cash. Unless the U.S. Government agrees to up the debt ceiling, all those who depend on social security are going to be sacrificed at the alter of economic accumulation. The situation seems dire, and hopeless (at least for army veterans, the handicapped, the aging, and the disabled). Even the greatest economic minds of our time seem stumped and unable to understand, much less fix it. Oh woe is me. What are we going to do?

Dr. Michael Sosteric | Jul 12, 2011 | Comments 2