2011 September | The Socjournal

War!? What is it good for? Taking stuff from others. Say it again. Oh, ah. Well, enough with the homage to Frankie who was in Hollywood in the 80s. War is another one of those ideological hot buttons, like greed, and competition, and our “inner nature” (see other articles in this series), there’s all sorts of excuses and justifications. But in the end justifications for war, just like justifications for competition, or greed, or just that, justifications. They are not based on any kind of valid social or natural research, and they often just ape (no pun intended) the special interests who benefit from war, etc. What side of the fence are you on? Better be the right one ’cause Billy’s got a gun.

William Hathaway | Sep 29, 2011 | Comments 4

Big bucks in buff bods and super-powers. Collectively we have a fantasy, a fetish perhaps, with notions of super power and hidden divinity. From the X-men to Superman to The Hulk, perhaps there is something more than the the mere dust and detritus of human existence. As Bruce Cockburn once sang, “Behind the pain fear, etched on the faces, something is shining like gold, but better…” As Dr. Tim says, let fantasy lead where science fears to tread.

Timothy McGettigan | Sep 22, 2011 | Comments 1