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As a therapist I see everyday the victimization of women, and men. In intimate relationships physical, psychological, and emotional violence are as common as the Hollywood action film. They occur outside of relationships as well, but just how much of it occurs is hard to tell not only because we often don’t “see” violence when directed at men, by women, but also because fear and ego get in the way of reporting, or so we think. In this survey we take a look at some of the factors that impact whether people report sexual victimization or not. If you’ve ever been victimized, male or female, consider taking the survey. It will help us get a better picture of the extent to which male and female victimization goes unreported.

Dr. Michael Sosteric | Aug 27, 2012 | Comments 6

Alternative vacations are journeys that are intended to satisfy multiple holiday objectives. In addition to breaking out of the nine-to-five routine, embarking to exotic locales and spending quality-time with loved ones, alternative vacations also offer unique and satisfying opportunities to do a good turn for others. For example, during spring break, my family (consisting of […]

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He is a refreshing admission of failure. Western social thought sucks and has failed to provide solutions to any “of our most pressing domestic social and economic issues.” Well duh. Natural science may have been successful at ramping up the technological quotient of this world, but social thought has done nothing but goggle the environmental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual disaster that has resulted. We definitely need a new way of thinking about the world. Still, and sadly, I’m pretty sure you wont’ find it in this book.

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