2012 July | The Socjournal

Revelations! That is what we have here. REVELATIONS. From the nefarious conduct of Boy Scout leaders, to priestly pedophilia, to professional misconduct and protection of predators at the highest level, the world is changing and criminals are slowly being brought to justice. Such an exciting time we live in.

Timothy McGettigan | Jul 27, 2012 | Comments 3

(*The following message is for anyone who would like to suggest that, due to a selective reading of the Freeh Report, Joe Paterno should be exempted from blame or criticism for the egregious role that he played in the Sandusky Scandal.) Dear Arch-Defenders of Joe Paterno’s Heroic Image, What about the kids? It is distressing […]

Timothy McGettigan | Jul 27, 2012 | Comments 0

On July 4, 2012, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops concluded their Fortnight for Freedom, a pulpit political initiative that is intended to challenge certain aspects of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA). The Bishops are cheezed off because, under the AHA, the Catholic Church will be required to provide healthcare access to its many […]

Timothy McGettigan | Jul 05, 2012 | Comments 2

The concept of evolution continues to be controversial hot button. Did God create the universe or it is simply random happenstance? Evidence suggests that the universe has been around and changing for billions of years, but does that mean it is all random and meaningless? Maybe. But then my dog is the product of the creative hand of the human breeder, and modern technology is bringing unprecedented change and agency is obvious in both. One thing is for sure. Random evolution may have gotten us here, but human agency is what will make or break the future of this species.

Timothy McGettigan | Jul 03, 2012 | Comments 10