A Note on Advertising

As you are aware, the EJS has recently decided to garner revenue through targeted advertising. I make this decision because appeals for donations have been singularly ineffective in generating any revenue to sustain publication. We have had only a single donation in the several months that we have had the link up.

We have chosen to advertise scholarly books and to utilize Google’s Adsense to generate revenue. We will accept fiction or non-fiction titles from scholars. In order to maintain editorial integrity, the EJS will reserve the right to refuse all book revenue.

We are committing to a three-month test of Adsense during which time we will be monitoring ads in order to ensure appropriate content is delivered. During this period all EJS readers and authors are invited to submit feedback to [email protected]

We hope readers and authors will understand our position and our decision. In 2005 we received over one hundred and twenty five submissions to the EJS. With this volume of papers, it is necessary to generate revenue in order to hire editorial and HTML assistance.

The EJS is the world’s first electronic journal in sociology and the longest running free scholarly journal in sociology. We are committed to maintaining our status as a free and open scholarly publication as an example and service to the scholarly community.

Your support, understanding, and participation are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Dr. Mike Sosteric

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