Advanced Commentary – LP Advanced Study Guide –

Tagalog (Philippines)


this level advanced spiritaulity

  1. complete cosmology and theology introduced at Core. book of light volume two through four.
  2. begin process of making formal connection with Fabric of Consciousness. what new agers like to call channeling. here teach you to communicate with fabric. but safely. a lot can go wrong. pathology. ego. confusion. easily led astray. this involves halo/sharp deck.
  3. to faciliate formal connection up our anti. spend a lot of time looking at process of discernment, really critical thinking. system been around 10,000 years and has resisted multiple attempts to dismantle it. order to get it right this time have to be very discerning and strong. see the horseshit and bullshit and not accept it. isn’t any room for polite acceptance of half truths or half cocked channelers giving their egoic version of twisted reality. stand strong for Truth and present and represent. discussion of discernment help with that.
  4. look at way to eliminate The System. culmination of study. have a good understanding of how reality is created (or creatin is made real), know with certainty how it has been corrupted on this planet, and have the tools you (really we) need to collectively change.
  5. beyond this if interested in more study. mentor level. academic level.
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