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Dr. Michael Sosteric | Jan 23, 2012 | Comments 0

V is for victory and that’s what this was. Thousands of websites, millions of people, billions of voices all around the world spoke out loud and clear against a piece of American legislation that would wipe out the Internet as we know it. Good for the rich Hollywood producers, bad for all the millions of democratic content generators that have sprung up all around the world. After a decade of declining progressive politics, the will of the people is getting a much needed jolt to the fibrillating fibers. And the moment has come none too soon if you ask me.

Here is one for the Sociology textbooks. On Jan 18, 2012 the largest online protest in history took place forcing American legislators to permanently shelve controversial bills that would have given old world players the power to crush Internet freedom.  I have to admit, I’m a critic of the superficiality and panoptic potential of social media but even I have to admit, this was impressive. You can read more by clicking any of the following links:

Now, if we could just mobilize that kind of sentiment to end poverty and world hunger, then I’d have something to tweet about.

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