Arc of the Covenant – Symbols – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Here’s a bit of information to help you understand the significance of the Lightning Path. It has to do with the Christian “arc of the covenant.” For those who do not know, the arc of the covenant is a literal box wherein is kept the  “promise of God.” The covenant, i.e., the promise of god, is expressed quite clearly in Jeremiah 31 (it is worth reading the whole passage here) where the bible speaks about bringing people back from captivity (31:23), rewarding them for their hard work and suffering (31:16), forgiving their sins (31:24) and not forgetting them or leaving them behind. The covenant is basically God’s promise that no one get’s left behind. The covenant is God’s promise for a fast path back to Shambhala (31:8-9) or Eden on earth  (31:38). You’ve worked hard, you’ve suffered, you’ve lost your childlike spiritual innocence as a result of the horrible conditions imposed by The System, but God will not forget your sacrifice. A path is provided for all to return.

Historically, this promise has been symbolized most often in a fashion similar to the image at the right, with angels and stylized sun as ubiquitous motifs. This is the arc of the covenant (i.e. the container of the promise) and it is a powerful visual representation of god’s promise to all those who have incarnated on this earth and sacrificed in order to accomplish the divine plan. Linguistically we might express the covenant in the following fashion–When the job is completed, a path will be provided out of darkness and back into The Garden where you have God’s promise that “The city (e.g., the Garden) will never again be uprooted or demolished. (Jeremiah 21: 38).

Interesting enough, the covenant of God expressed in the old testament of the Christian bible figures in LP Spirituality. The covenant is visually represented in the Halo/Sharp tarot in the key card The Promise. Notice the facing angels, the sun motif, and the Eden like backdrop. Compare that to the sun motif and angels on the antiquated representation. This is The Promise fulfilled. This is the realization of the divine plan (see The Universe key) and the return, via the provided path, to The Garden. Rejoice for the time is at hand!

This is The Promise of God. The physical body may die because of illness or accident, and we try to avoid that where possible, but the soul remains untouched. No matter how mucky and muddy we may have become while working in this cosmic stink-hole, we are welcome home. A way is provided for us to return back to innocence, and help has arrived.

The idea of The Promise is significant. As you begin to unpack the Lightning Path materials and as you start to understand the depth of manipulation, indoctrination, and physical damage to the mind and body of your physical unit, the idea of The Promise (the covenant) can help anchor you and keep you moving forward.  It is also a powerful reminder that we do not leave people behind (in other words there is no hell, no rapture, and no evolutionary “judgment” where some advance and others are cast into the cosmic dustbin). Such an idea is abhorrent to a loving, connected Spirit.

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