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AMA citation:

Sosteric D. Are you a publisher?. The Socjournal. 2010. Available at: Accessed January 29, 2012.

APA citation:

Sosteric, Dr. Michael. (2010). Are you a publisher?. Retrieved January 29, 2012, from The Socjournal Web site,

Chicago citation:

Sosteric, Dr. Michael, “Are you a publisher?”, The Socjournal, posted October 15, 2010, (accessed January 29, 2012).

Harvard citation:

Sosteric, D 2010, Are you a publisher?, The Socjournal. Retrieved January 29, 2012, from

MLA citation:

Sosteric, Dr. Michael. “Are you a publisher?.” The Socjournal. 15 Oct. 2010. 29 Jan. 2012

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