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For the first time since I was 27 I am off meds., for close to 2 years. The LP has helped me immensely in identifying behaviors and patterns that lead to depression…The LP has [helped me] identify what is causing the bouts of sadness. [The] Sharp/Halo tarot [has been] a huge supplement in understanding and then empowering . [It provides] leaps and bounds of forward movement in recovery and awakening. The Sharp/Halo brings me back to me as divine creator and spirit, the wonderful uniqueness of me. This is the greatest secret weapon one could ever…. Joyful Spirit

The following books and resources are readings assigned at the LP Intermediate level. These readings include five books on topics ranging from ascension, chakra activation, and genesis (i.e. a story of creation). As well, there is considerable online only supplemental material. All of the materials here require a subscription to this site (see why to subscribe and how to subscribe) for full access. While I would love to give away all this material for free (and I will if you ask, see below), the truth is I’m a working man who is not wealthy and has a family to support (and one son who is in a wheelchair). If I have to convince you think of it this way, you get far more, for far less, than you would even if you could find a comparable system of awakening and empowerment. In some cases I’ve seen people charge upwards of a thousand dollars for a single module. Here you get the doors thrown wide open, and full keys to the temple, for less than it would take for me to take my family out to a movie.

I should note that in order to avoid having you pay twice for the books and materials at the intermediate level, a site subscription includes copies of the LP Intermediate books (and advanced eBooks as well!). A yearly subscription gets you a print copy of the books (including a set of the revolutionary Halo/Sharp cards). A monthly subscription gets you access to the eBook versions. To download the eBook versions, visit this page.

If you just want to buy additinal copies of the LP Intermediate books, you can purchase the print or eBook package at heavily discounted rates from my Lightning Path store.


  1. The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order
  2. The Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening
  3. The Book of The Triumph of Spirit.
  4. The Song of Creation: The Story of Genesis
  5. The Book of Songs (available Fall 2011, drafts for subscribers available sooner).

Parables and Articles

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