Assigned Reading – LP Core Study Guide – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

The following books and resources are readings assigned at the LP Core level. These readings include¬† books on topics ranging from economics to cosmology. You may be a little surprised to find economics a part of a basic LP Core, but once you read the Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy, you’ll know why it is included here. Money is basically energy ossified, and energy is basically consciousness manifested, so there is a direct and critical link between money and spirituality that cannot be ignored, downplayed, or vilified.

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Blog Lessons

In addition to the books and articles listed here I also write regular commentary on my blog. The articles I write are often designed to enhance and/or explain materials contained on this main website. he blog is organized according to level of study so if you want some additional reading, just peruse the LP Core section of the blog.

Finally, I feel compelled to note that all these books, and the thousands of hours of labour they represent, are available free. However a small energetic exchange would be greatly appreciated. I recommend you purchase the books either as eBooks ($4.99) or printed versions. If you don’t want to buy the books, or want to support the work more substantially, I request a small payment of one hour of your labour as a way of exchanging energy with me. You can either do that with $$ (easiest and most flexible from my perspective, just hand over whatever you make in an hour) or check out the what can I do to help page for some additional ideas. If you make a lot of money in an hour then this is an opportunity for you to explore the relationship between money, energy, accumulation, equity, and right action, especially since I’m not asking for a one to one exchange, but simply an hour of your labour for thousands of mine.

Kids Books

If you have kids and you appreciate the basic message of the LP, I have two kids books that teach children the core LP spirituality, Vayda Jayne Bean and Captain Tristan Am I. You can find more information, and purchase links here.

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