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Feminism is Queer is an introduction to the intimately related disciplines of gender and queer theory. Whilst guiding the reader through complex theory, the author develops the original position of queer feminism, which presents queer theory as continuous with feminist theory. Whilst there have been significant conceptual tensions between second wave feminism and traditional lesbian and gay studies, queer theory offers a paradigm for understanding gender, sex and sexuality that avoids the conflict in order to develop solidarity among those interested in feminist theory and those interested in lesbian and gay rights.

[amazonify]1848134746:right[/amazonify]An essential guide to anyone with an interest in gender or sexuality, this accessible and comprehensive textbook carefully explains nuanced theoretical terminology and provides extensive suggested further reading to provide the reader with full and thorough understanding of both disciplines.

In this slim volume, Mimi Marinucci handily synthesizes new and classic theories regarding cultural and scientific definitions of sex, gender, and sexuality in a comprehensive text that is both lucid and erudite. The final section on queer feminism offers hopeful suggestions for a more effective fusion of these two overlapping fields of theory and practice. Feminism Is Queer is well-organized and conveniently cross-referenced throughout, allowing chapters and sections to be read independently or as a whole. Recommended reading lists, in addition to reference lists, are an extra feature for classroom use. The selection of L. Frank Baum epigraphs adds a welcome touch of whimsy. This book will surely become required reading in many courses in Women’s and Gender Studies and in Sexuality Studies. It will be an excellent supplement to any reading list.’ Elizabeth Arveda Kissling, Eastern Washington University

‘In wonderfully lucid, accessible, and penetrating analyses, Mimi Marinucci makes the case that feminist and queer theory are inseparable allies—or should be—in mapping the epistemologies of sex and gender that shape the subjective, political, and embodied realities of all of us.  With its comprehensive appendix and carefully organized chapters, Feminism is Queer is an ideal text for teaching about gender, sexuality, and the practice of theorizing.  My students are going to love this book!’ Marjorie Jolles, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Roosevelt University

‘Mimi Marinucci’s engaging new book, Feminism is Queer, offers a readily accessible examination of the concepts, questions and theories at the intersection of gender, sex, and sexuality… Marinucci’s impressive interdisciplinary depth and breadth combine with a readily accessible writing style to make Feminism is Queer a lucid and intelligent treatment of an essentially complex and controversial concept.

Feminism is Queer would be an excellent text for a wide range of introductory level feminist/gender/women’s studies courses, grounded in any number of disciplines… Throughout, she situates the discussion of queerness in historical, cross-cultural, scientific and philosophical contexts in a way that deepens the reader’s understanding of the intersection of gender, sex, and sexuality.’ Nancy Slonneger Hancock, Northern Kentucky University.

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Posted by Dr. Michael Sosteric on October 15, 2010.

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