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Commentaries are short, 400-1200 word opinion pieces written by Sociologists and their students. Commentaries deal with current events, pet peaves, and ever green issue that Sociologists may be interested in commenting on. Submit your commentaries, along with a sentence or two explaining who you are, to [email protected]. If your submission is accepted you will be asked to register a username on this site. Register a username by clicking this link.

Terrorist groups and European fighters in Iraq

  At present there is no independent Kurdish state but the ‘land of the Kurds’ crisscrosses Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. However, the Iraqi Kurds have been able to gain autonomy from Baghdad. Kurdish aspirations for an independent state stem ...

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Obama, human rights and ISIS

Western leaders have suddenly woken up and realised that ISIS is a regional global security threat. This realisation has also forced policy makers and security experts to abandon their orientalist monocles. The desire to act ‘now’ by launching airstrikes on ISIS targets ...

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Our Common Core

Everything that exists on this Earth is made out of the same Common Core, the same molecules, and the same atoms. 75 % of the earth is covered in water. Up to 60 % of a human body is made ...

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Varieties of Violence

Varieties of Violence Terrorists, serial killers, domestic murderers — their ghoulish deeds fill our news and popular entertainment, interspersed with wars, riots, and brutal repressions. Violence surrounds us. Where does it come from?The answer propagated by the mass media is ...

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The NRA and Polarization in the Gun Debate

Today’s political landscape is deeply polarized. From liberals to conservatives, there are serious divides that are pervasive throughout politics. One group that has used the Internet and email in particular to contribute to and sustain an environment of polarization is ...

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The Inside Job

The film, Inside Job, won the 2011 Academy Award for best documentary. Charles Ferguson the director of Inside Job kicked off his Oscar acceptance speech with the following statement, “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years ...

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Live Long and Prosper: The 100 Year Starship Project

To infinity...!

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”—Albert Einstein The Defense Advanced Research Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced an extraordinary new project, the 100 Year Starship ...

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