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Hello Michael

I bought your book, The Dossier of the Ascension, the other day, last weekend in fact. I had my 1st “successful” meditation this morning. I am battling with the concept to tell you the truth. Is one meant to go into some “altered” state, almost sleep like, or how does it feel, how do I know that I am meditating and not just sitting there?

Well, you’re not really intended to go into a meditative state. The Great Invocation (which is the meditation included in The Dossier of the Ascension) is more of a visualization exercise. In order to understand that Great Invocation and how it works, you have to understand your chakras which are simply energy conduits, like fire hoses, through which you pump energy. What the Great Invocation does is help you activate your chakras and increase flow. It does that by encouraging you to visualize energy flow, and it is very simple. All you do is visualize the chakra, and then visualize energy flowing through it–just like that. This should be done several times a day for best effect. As for entering altered states, any results from that chakra visualization will typically occur outside of your meditative/visualization practice and in your daily life. For example, if you activate your heart chakra, but you have had experiences that have blocked that chakra in the past (say a poor childhood, a parent that did not love you, etc.), then you will manifest situations in your life that will mirror the blockage. When that happens, you have an opportunity to clear that blockage, or not. If you do not clear the blockage, then the energy flow in your heart chakra is reduced and you need to reactivate.  In order to complete the chakra activation, you just keep hammering away at the blockages until they are clear.

Anyway, this morning I “sat” there and concentrated on each Chakra in turn, starting at my crown and moving one by one down. If I sit with my eyes closed I get images of yellowish light with dark areas moving away from me. If I sit and concentrate on/at a Chakra long enough, the dark areas cease to materialise. Then moving on to the next Chakra this sequence starts again. Unfortunately I got as far as my heart Chakra and life got in the way. Is this what is meant to be happening? Am I imagining something, should I stop smoking my socks or did I succeed?

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