Child’s Song | The Socjournal

Hey Mommy Hey Daddy, There’s this thing you should know It’s about pro-creation,

It’s about how you sow.

It’s about little children, It’s about God on earth, It’s about what your role is,

It’s about our rebirth.

It’s about what I need here It’s about all light beings As they’re planted as seeds here,

And innocence doth take wing.

It’s about all that violence, It’s about all that woe It’s about all our anguish

It’s about our true foe.

For he’s not found in the valley, She’s not found in the row, He’s not found down dark alley,

Nor deep down on skid row.

He is found in your heart, mom In your violence, dear dad. In the screaming and yelling,

In bad times that we’ve had,

He’s found in isolation, Found alone in my room, Found there in my school classroom,

Where they wield witches’ broom.

Found in my broken heart mom, Or my broken arm, dad. Found in harm that has come here,

Since my family went mad.

Found in drugs, drink, and oblivion, Found in lines on my wrists Found in  broken down angel,

Old world gift to us kids.

Found in sadness and anger, Found in anguish and woe, Found in dark isolation,

Found in terrible blows.

Found in sweat and weird feelings, In your desire to go, Found in difficult breathing,

And strained eyes, don’t you know.

And you can walk away here, Turn around and let go, Pretend things  aren’t as strained here,

Get along with your show

But if you think that will save you, Well if you think that way, go, ’cause this new world that’s a coming,

Has no room for that trow.

Has no room for your transgress,
Or your arrogant stride.

Has no room for deep anguish,
Or your ten thousand lies.

But if you have ears to listen, Well then daddy let’s go Take my hand and run with me,

Through the flower fields, lo.

As let’s bring mom there with us, And anyone else wants to go. And leave behind ever after,

All that terrible woe

Yes if you have ears to listen, Then my friends, time to go Let us dance ever after

And return now to the flow