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On June 2, 2011, Mark Guarino reported in the Christian Science Monitor that the Louisiana Science Education Act managed to survive a recent legal challenge in the Louisiana legislature. Sadly, that does not bode well for science education in Louisiana, …

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Love love love. All you need is love. Love is like oxygen. Love lifts you up. Love is everything, or is it. Romantic love wasn’t always the Walt Disney deal it is today. It got started at a certain historical period (long before the 20th century) and has blossomed to iconic status, and a multi-billion dollar cultural industry. But what is it really? Perhaps it is just a distraction designed to keep the worker bees focused on something other than their oppression. Perhaps it is, like the author says, the last kick at the cat of passion as the inexorable march of rationalization strips our world of humanity, feeling, and meaning. Whatever it is it is certainly a topic worthy of Sociological investigation!

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The level of gun use and ownership in the U.S. is way beyond what is rationally necessary, or politically appropriate. You can have guns, by why assault rifles and high capacity magazines? “Their judgment is distorted by their patriotism” and the arguments or devoid of sense and rationality, according to this author. He may have a point. When frontier justice, ideology, and primal instincts trump care, compassion, and common sense, society has a problem. The only question is, how to fix it.

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