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Dr. Michael Sharp has undergraduate degrees with high honours in psychology and sociology. He has an MA in Sociology from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Alberta.  He began his PhD at the birth of the WWW and used the new technology to circumvent academic gatekeepers and start the world’s first electronic journal of sociology appropriately entitled The Electronic Journal of Sociology. His dissertation explored the political economy of the scholarly journal system.  He has published in the area of labour process research (a branch of Sociology concerned with work, employment, and the exploitation of workers), scholarly communication, and information technology.  One of his articles, Subjectivity and the Labour Process, published in the journal Work, Employment, and Society, has been, from time to time, one of the ten most cited articles of all time in that journal.

In 2002, following some startling spiritual experiences, Dr. Sharp put aside his interest in sociology and began exploring spirituality and mysticism, writing close to a dozen books on topics ranging from new age spirituality to chakra activation to theology and cosmology.  He has penned a new creation story The Song of Creation, written several teaching stories (a.k.a. parables), and revised, along with the artist Oxo Halo, the western Tarot system to be inline with what he calls new world spirituality which is a spirituality free of the hierarchical, exclusionary, and judgmental nonsense of old world spirituality. Taken together his books comprise a system of spiritual empowerment and awakening that he calls The Lightning Path.

In 2007 he founded The SpiritWiki ( as a central repository of new world spirituality and social science.

His goal in writing is to provide the foundation for a system of spiritual, psychological, sociological, and philosophical thought that is non-hierarchical, non-exclusionary, and spiritually sophisticated, and that can be used to repair the damage done to the physical body and brain by a sub-standard socialization process and return to its status as fully functioning vehicle/vessel of consciousness. He currently divides his time between writing distance education courses and completing his Lightning Path system of spiritual awakening.

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