Dangerous Memories: Slavery, Mysticism, and Transformation – The Sociology of Religion

by Dr. S. · June 14, 2015

By: Dr. S.

Have you ever wondered “what’s the purpose?”

Have you asked yourself what’s The Plan?

Have you ever said to yourself “what’s all this work for?”

If you have ever asked those questions, and if you are not satisfied with the common religious, scientific, or esoteric answers, then The Song is for you!!! The Song of Creation is the complete, canonical, and glorious story of creation. The Song tells the glorious truth of our purpose and our work, but it leaves out all the cliches and corruptions, all the hierarchies and exclusions, all the excuses and justifications that you find elsewhere. From “the beginning” to the glorious “end” (which is just a new beginning) the Song reveals the glorious Plan and gives you back the reason and purpose for your existence,

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