Diagnosing Difficulty – Core – LP Core Study Guide –

The Lightning Path Core level is fairly straightforward. Aside from The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You, which may challenge your cosmological and theological framework, the core level material isn’t that challenging. The discussion on authentic spirituality is straightforward, as is the material on the economic realities of this planet. The book The Great Awakening provides, for the most part, a standard presentation of concepts and techniques (though it does provide a nascent critical perspective). Even The Basic Book, which can be a rather dramatic restatement of basic psychological principles for some, isn’t so outrageous as to encourage defense mechanisms to activate, and walls to spring up. Still, the books and the material at this level do bring a certain “energy” to the table and this energy may be a bit of a challenge, on a couple of fronts.

The first challenge may be the challenge of simply getting into the material. The System has done a very good job of walling our consciousness off and making it insensitive to certain types of energy. You’ll know you are a victim of this if you pick up one of the books and simply can’t access the meaning of the words on the page. You’ll see the words, and you’ll read them, but they won’t have any meaning to you. I know this sounds impossible but I know of several people, typically with strong backgrounds in old world dogmas like Christianity, who experience a literal wall when they approach this material. This is more likely at the Intermediate and Advanced levels, but it is a distinct possibility even here. If this is you then your only option is to power through the blockage. Set your intent by saying something like “I wish to move forward” or “I want to understand this material,” keep your intent persistent, and wait until things start to open up. Challenge yourself by picking up the book every few days and reading it and it won’t take very long until you find that “access” is granted.

If this is someone you know who you have given the materials to, then you can either sit and wait for them to move forward on their own, actively try and engage them in dialogue, or maybe try the Great Purification (but please only when you have read through the intermediate and advanced materials). Given the serious need for authentic spiritual awakening and empowerment, I wouldn’t advise sitting and waiting since that may simply result in them never making any effort to move forward (system blockages are pernicious). I also don’t advise pushing people. Don’t force the material on anybody. At the same time, it is perfectly OK to gently nudge and remind. “Hey did you read that book yet,” or “what do you think about the difference between God with a big ‘G’ and god with a little ‘g'” and similar questions are great ways to gently nudge people forward. You may also want to try contextualizing any difficulties they are having in their current life by referencing information on the LP. Say things like “boy, I used to really get stressed out whenever people put me down but ever since reading The Great Awakening I’m much less sensitive to that kind of emotional abuse” or, as one individual on our forums said once, “I never used to believe it was possible to totally heal from sexual abuse, but after spending time on the Lightning Path I would have no problem saying I am totally recovered.”

Besides being walled off to certain types of energy, the problem of getting into the material may also be caused by spiritual bypassing. As Greta White, one of our first LP mentees has pointed out, spiritual bypassing is the tendency for some people to use fluffy spiritual beliefs, like the belief in crystals and wands, ‘enlightened’ love and light activities, or even rigid adherence to dogmatic beliefs like the ten commandments, to avoid dealing with painful wounds and issues. She’s right. As she says, “we sometimes see visitors waft in and out of the forum with fluffy new age stuff which they may be unwittingly using as a form of escapism to avoid the more serious job of healing.” These people waft in, drop the latest “light ship” or nesera prediction on our doors, and then quietly disappear when things don’t work out as they were told to expect. Individuals like this may have a hard time with this material, and may have a difficult time getting into it (in fact they may have violent emotional reactions to it). They may not see what they expect to see and this may convince them that there isn’t anything particularly spiritual here. After all, spirituality is about crystals and channeling and commandments and all that jazz. If this is you, if you are having aggressive and negative emotional responses to any of this material, pause and reflect on the source of that reaction. The basic message of the LP is love everyone, accept everyone, help heal everyone, provide for everyone, and clean up this fucking mess. There is absolutely nothing in this basic message to warrant any kind of violent rejection at all. There aren’t any threats of damnation, there aren’t any subtle exclusionary dogmas, we don’t put anybody down (though we do have high standards for Truth), and we put into practice everything we say. You may decide you don’t like this message, or my writing, or my cosmology, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking at it.

A second area of possible challenge is a bit more difficult and may occur as you begin to get into the cosmology and theology of the Lightning Path (as introduced in The Book of Light Volume One). There is no other way to say it here but the LP cosmology is, in the context of old world spiritualities, blasphemous. If you have been trained in old world spiritualities, and if you are fresh out of the systems of indoctrination imposed on you, you may have strong visceral, emotional, fearful, or even angry reactions to some of the things you hear me say. The reasons for these reactions aren’t that hard to uncover. When I say things like “you are God,” for example, the Catholic in you is going to react strongly to what many would see as an attempt to remove daddy (i.e. God) from “his” throne. In old world spiritualities that justify hierarchy and control, God “the father” is the ultimate authority figure whom you either obey or else are cast out and punished. Catholic priests spend a lot of time training you to listen to, kow tow, and submit before authority. It is their job. They are here to make compliant workers who fit in to The System and do what they are told. But that’s not what you are told is it? You are told that you either listen to authority or you will be cast out and burned alive for all eternity by your FATHER, the God?! And if that’s not abusive, malignant, and distorted enough, they twist you even more by suggesting that there’s this loser Satan who rebelled, didn’t listen to Daddy, and was kicked out the home for it. Now he’s burning in hell and trying to get others down there with him! And your loving Daddy is just watching it all go down. So you better listen to what the “authority” says, confess whenever you haven’t, and stay constantly on our toes, OR ELSE!

Messed up is the only way to describe this indoctrination and when this indoctrination is challenged, as it is on the Lightning Path, you could experience powerful emotional responses and if that is you then the best advice I have for you is, calm down, have a look at why you are being triggered, and where the fear and anger are coming from. This may be difficult at first so you might want to sit down with a note pad, or at the computer, take some deep breaths to calm down (as suggested in The Great Awakening) and write out your thinking processes. Have a look at what ideas are percolating around in your brain that are causing such a powerful emotional reaction and examine those. In the end you may decide that you want to stay with your Christian training and that’s up to you, but after doing this exercise at least you’ll have a better understanding of what makes you tick, and why. Regardless of whether you choose to remain on this path or not, a little extra self-awareness is always a good thing!

A third possibility or challenge at the core level is overly inflated expectations. Depending on what you’ve read in the past about spirituality and enlightenment you may be expecting fireworks to happen. A lot of people and teachers have unreasonable expectations (founded on their own lack of understanding of the process) and when you listen to them, they pass these on to you to the point where you may think that a little deep breathing, a little transcendental meditation, and a little intent is all you need for total enlightenment. And while that is true to an extent (persistent intent to “move forward” is the key to ultimate success), it may take more time than you think because, as outlined in more detail at the LP Intermediate level, there may be a lot for you to do. You may have past life fear and trauma to clear, you may have this life fear and trauma to heal, you may be filled with wrong thinking and dumb ass spiritual ideas that prevent you from awakening and empowerment (or even reverse the progress you’ve made), and all these things have to be cleared in the process of awakening. It can be quite the process, although it should be said that good guidance can really speed the process.  What you want to keep in mind is the need to stay the course. If you do this for only for a couple weeks and then start to get discouraged because you’re not seeing any fireworks, you may step off the path in disillusion and subsequently be worse off than before. You want to give this at least a year if you’re doing it on your own without talking to anybody, and perhaps six months if you’re posting on our forums and seeking guidance that way. And always remember, persistence of intent is critical. Always be saying to yourself (and your guide network) I want to move forward. If you stop saying that the energy will gradually dwindle and you’ll settle back into the normal life and normal consciousness of before.

And don’t forget, the LP Core is introductory. The concepts you get here only provide a safe and solid foundation for awakening. You need the meditations, information, and guidance of the LP Intermediate, and the connecting and transformative parctice of the Advanced level, to complete the process.