Dialogues – 대각 – 자각 능력을 주소서 Ascend

External interviews are interviews conducted by individuals with minimal and/or superficial understanding of the LP. These interviews typically skim the surface of the LP without delving into the depth and breadth of the philosophical, cosmological, and theological corpus. They are useful interviews to beginners, or people interested in an overview, but limited in their ability to reveal the the inner mechanics or philosophical sophistication of the system. All other interview categories are internal interviews. Internal interviews are conducted by LP subscribers and those with a more practiced familiarity with the depth and breadth of the philosophical, cosmological, and theological corpus. Internal interviews are great ways to explore the depth of the system, reveal the differences between the LP and other systems of thought, and otherwise expand our knowledge and awareness.

Any LP subscriber may conduct an internal interview. It is best if you have spent some time (a few months at least) with the materials and the forums so that you do no rehash questions answered in some other forum. Interviews may be conducted via skype or email (your choice). In the future I may add audio interviews to the mix. If you wish to conduct an interview, or just have a few questions, contact me via email.

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  • Feeling Great Interview

Gurus, priests, and prophets

This section is for questions and interviews dealing with other (usually old world) spiritual teachings. Here we can examine the activities of priests, gurus, and even avatars, look at how they operate, cudo them when they do good work, and expose them when things go wrong. Great information for any consumer of spiritual information, but also an essential read for any individual who would presume to don the mantle of spiritual authority and teach others the Truths of Spirit.

For me, spirituality is like building bridges. It’s important and potentially glamorous work, but lives are at stake. If you don’t really know how to build a bridge, and you haven’t got the requisite engineering background, then you’re acting with supreme irresponsibility if you say you can build a bridge and then go out and build one for people. Frankly if you do that, and if your bridge collapses, you are responsible for the deaths and injuries. And even though we tend to accept priests and gurus and never ask them if they have the requisite “bridge building” experience, we have to stop doing that. We have to understand that a spiritual teacher is building a bridge between the body and the soul and just like a material bridge crossing a span of water, lives are at stake. Collectively we MUST stop accepting the shoddy and immature work of every awakening newborn. The bottom line is, just because somebody has tipped the blind fold off, does not mean they are qualified to teach about what they have seen with their “glimpse.” It doesn’t mean they are not of course. We should share and those who want to teach should. But we should also demand  the same professional standards and expectations of our gurus and “avatars” as we expect of our more 3D professionals (like bridge builders for example). If you don’t really know how to build a bridge, if you’re still blinded by the light of Spirit, if you think a book, or two, or even three is enough, if you still haven’t understood everything you have seen, don’t lie and tell you people otherwise. You may fool people now, but you’ll eventually just reveal yourself to be a fool.


This section is for cosmological type questions. Herein you will find questions about the nature of God (or god), the nature of time, the nature of the creative process,  philosophical discussions, and so on. I expect these questions will primarily emerge out of your reading of the Book of Light all volumes (one through four) because it is that LP series that provides a complete and self contained new world cosmology and theology that is, as you will know if you have read it, pretty much a drop in replacement for any and all old world cosmology and dogma you may have been doused with.

If there are questions or sections you don’t understand, or aren’t clear, please let me know. I’m more than happy to provide extensions and clarifications.