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The Dossier of the Ascension was my second major book. This book is basically an introduction to the pathology of your body’s chakra system and how to heal that pathology and empower your body. The book  provides a run down of what the chakras are, why they are important in the empowerment of your physical unit, how to activate them, and what to do to keep them activated.

As noted in the book, chakra activation is a straightforward process requiring nothing more than a few seconds of visualization. However, while it is easy to activate your chakras , it is a little more difficult to keep them activated because of what happens when you activate your chakras and empower your body.  As explained in the book when you open your chakras you basically “power up” your body. When you do that any fears, issues, or wrong thinking that you have buried in your brain will explode into manifestation. When that happens to you it is often overwhelming and this can lead to a tendency to shut down your energy flow (i.e. shut down your chakras) and move back towards a position of creative impotence (this is the “Genie in the Bottle” problem discussed as part of the LP Intermediate level of training). In order to avoid a fearful and pre-emptive shut down of your chakras The Dossier of the Ascension (along with all others aspects of the LP system) provides you with the guidance, information, and support that you need in order to identify, clear, and heal in order that you may remain fully empowered and fully present in your physical unit.

Because the suppression of your chakras is intentional (it is much easier to control and manipulate a physical unit when it’s energy system is shut down)  The Dossier of the Ascension also provides information on the xeno-history of The System (i.e. who installed it and what it does). This information is introductory only. For a more detailed account of The System, i’s origin and elimination, please see The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, The Book of Songs and The Black Book.

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