Easy Chakra Activation

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So you want to know about chakra activation. No problem. Chakra activation is easy. In fact, chakra activation is as easy as opening your hands. However, before I get into chakra activation, some preliminaries are in order first. First, you need to know what a chakra is.

And what is a chakra

Well, as pretty as it sounds, a chakra is not a lotus flower, or a rose, or a spinnining wheel, or anything like that. Lots of people thing of chakras in that way, but those are really metaphors they use because they don’t quite understand the nature of chakra which is, as I am fond of repeating, basically a pipe or conduit for energy. A chakra is an energy pipe or energy conduit that your Immortal Soul uses to manifest your physical unit (and by physical unit I mean your physical body). I’m not telling anything knew here. As any Chinese acupuncture doctor will tell you, your body has thousands of little energy points (or chakras) that are critical for the healthy functioning of your physical body. Of course, here we are not concerned with the thousand little chakras in your body. When people say “activate chakras” they usually want to talk about the seven main chakras in the body. These main chakras are the “big pipes,” the main energy pipes of your physical body responsible for the main systems of physical manifestation and life. In your physical body there are seven main chakras and they are located roughly as indicated in the accompanying chakra diagram to the right. Moving from top to bottom we have your crown chakra (top of your head), your third eye chakra (between your eyes in the middle of your forehead), your throat chakra (voice box area), your heart chakra, your solar plexus chakra (roughly where your solar plexus is), your sacral chakra (gonads or reproductive system), and finally your root chakra (at the base of your spine). Taken together these seven chakras or energy pipes comprise the foundation of your body’s complex and sophisticated energy system.

What are chakras good for?

Now the second thing you should know before you go about re-activating your chakras is what chakras are used for, and that’s simple (though often misunderstood) to. Your chakras, from top to bottom, are each associated with a different “system” in your body. Each chakra provides energies that support the manifestation of an aspect of your bodily system. We could say that each of your chakras is “responsible” for a different bodily system, but that gives the chakras more credit than necessary. Your chakras are just energy pipes. You (and by “you” I mean the consciousness that resides in that body) control the flow and the outcome. And just what “systems” are each of the chakras responsible for? Well, your crown chakra is associated with (and helps manifest) your brain and central nervous system. Your heart chakra helps with your body’s “life system” (i.e. the heart and circulatory system). The sacral chakra is primarily responsible for your reproductive system. Your third eye chakra “governs” your body’s sensory systems (both the five mundane senses and the higher “mystical” senses) and so on. Each chakra governs a different system.

Healthy chakras? Healthy body!

Now, if you pause and consider what I’ve just told, that is that chakras are associated with your body’s systems, then it should come as no surprise when I say that your body requires activated chakras in order to stay healthy. The bottom line is, blocked chakras are a bad thing! If your heart chakra is blocked (something fairly common in men because of the way they are socialized), then you can expect to develop heart and circulation issues. If your throat chakra is blocked (something quite common in women in our society), then you can expect to develop thyroid problems. This is the same for all the chakras. Your body needs a continuous flow of energy from your seven main chakras in order to function, heal, and regenerate and when you cut the chakra energy off, your body’s systems begin to deteriorate and collapse. Therefore, I will say that chronic chakra blockage leads to chronic illness and eventual death.

Chakra Activation

Now there’s a lot I could say about the main chakras, their relation to the physical systems of your body, the proper functioning of chakras, and so on and so forth but you want to know about chakra activation so we’ll skip all that and say that chakra activation is simple. You don’t need singing bowls, you don’t need special sounds, you don’t need new age music, you don’t need light, and you don’t need the assistance of some guru. Indeed, activating your chakras doesn’t require that you spend any money at all on any “product” or “service,” no matter what anybody tells you. Chakra activation is, as I said above, as easy as opening your hands. Do it with me now. Put your hands out in front of you and open them. See how easy that was? Well, it’s the same with chakras. If you want to open those chakras, just open them. Just crank the pipe wide open and let the chakra energies flow. Now, I realize you may be scratching your head at this point and I understand. Despite the critical importance of chakras to your overall health and well being, and despite the fact that this should have been taught as part of your K12 curriculum, you’ve probably never heard the full about chakras before. So, if you have trouble imagining what opening your chakras would look like, just visualize. Close your eyes, see each of your chakras opening up in turn, and watch (in your mind’s eye) as a powerful stream of chakra energy comes gushing out of each of your chakras. If you want to visualize color, that’s fine but there’s no technical need. The key is seeing the energy flow! If you need help with visualization, I’ve got a meditation that I call The Great Invocation which you can use for that. The meditation guides you through a visualization process that I gaurantee will light up your chakras brighter the Fourth of July fireworks display. If you are serious about activating your chakras, then do the meditation several times throughout the day. Once you memorize the visual sequence, it should only take a few moments each time. Chakra activation is that simple. And don’t worry. It doesn’t matter that your chakras are invisible to your eyes, or that you can’t see the energy flowing. You hands open when you intend them to open even if your eyes are closed and it is the same way with your chakras. If you visualize it, it will be so.

Fear and chakras – A word of warning

Now, Before closing this short little how-to I just want to issue a bit of a warning. Don’t activate your chakras unless you’re prepared to spend some time on the process. In other words, don’t do the chakra meditation lightly. Don’t make the mistake that a lot of people do and think that chakras are nothing more than new age delusion or religious hogwash. Whether you believe it or not right now, chakras are real and activating in the manner prescribed in this article will have consequences, and no amount of head shaking is going to change that fact. I like to think of your physical body like a power tool. Your physical body, your physical unit as I like to call it, is a power tool that you (and by “you” I mean your immortal soul), uses to move around, navigate, and create the world with. Your chakras are like the energy source that powers the tool. For reasons that I explain in my Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening, and in my forthcoming Basic Book, although your chakras are fully open as children, your chakras are mostly turned off by the time you get to be an adult. As a result, your “power tool” is turned off and you exist in a relative creative impotence. However when you re-activate those chakras, even for a brief period, your power tool gets turned back on and when that happens you become empowered or spiritually activated as I like to say. You go from spiritual impotence to spiritual empowerment! You can get a sense of the magnitude of the difference if you imagine the difference between cutting a tree down with a chainsaw that is turned off, and a chain saw that is turned on.When the chain saw is off, its going to take you a long time and a lot of energy to cut down the tree, but when the chain saw is on, you cut through the tree like, well, like a chainsaw cutting through wood. You want to keep this power difference in mind as you activate your chakras because, as much as opening your chakras is good for your long term health and well being, you could find that, in the short term, you start manifesting a lot of your “stuff” with an efficiency and directness that you never thought possible. Put another way I might say that full chakra activation is a good thing if you have a lot of love, light, and compassion in your heart, but it’s a bad thing if you (or the ones around you) have a lot of anger, hurt, hate, and trauma. If you got the former then when you “power up” you’ll find your world will start to transform into a much nicer place but if you have the latter (and most of us have more of the latter than the former), if there is lots of pathology and negativity, fear, anger, and hatred around you (or in you), then chakra activation is only going to make that worse. Which doesn’t mean you should avoid chakra activation. As I said earlier, you want to have healthy, open chakras because open chakras and healthy energy flow contributes to the health and well-being of your body. It just means that, if you want to exploit the full potential of that physical body you are sitting in, then you got some work to do healing blockages and overcoming trauma. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not that hard, but it does take focus and attention (and sometimes a little help). One thing is for certain, despite the difficulties, proper activation of your chakras (i.e. proper empowerment of your physical body) is well worth the effort.

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