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Biographical note:

Christopher Kelen was born in Sydney in 1958 and now lives in the Myall Lakes area of New South Wales, Australia. He holds degrees in literature and linguistics from the University of Sydney and is currently completing a doctorate on the writing process in poetry, at UWS Nepean.

Kelen’s poetry has been published and broadcast widely. In 1988 he won a first prize in the ABC/ABA national poetry competition for his poem ‘Views from Pinchgut’. He has won a number of other awards in Australia and overseas, and his first volume of poetry, The Naming of the Harbour and the Trees received an Anne Elder Award in 1993. In 1996 he was Writer-in-Residence at the Australia Council’s B.R. Whiting Library in Rome. In 1997 his second volume Green Lizard Manifesto was published by Cerberus Press. His long poem Möbius is soon to be released in book form.

Christopher Kelen,

Markwell via Bulahdelah,

N.S.W., 2423

ph 02 49 978 189

please note that my temoporary address (from August, 1998) will be as follows:

c/o S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial School,

397 Kwai Shing Circuit,

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