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New South Wales COUNTRY TOWNS (99).

AH BING, Armidale. Chinese Doctor.
ALLEN, —, travelling. Advertises: “Man, why allow thy sight to be destroyed, when, by welcoming young Professor Allen, and adopting his rules, you can save the same?”
ALLEN, WALTER HORATIO, Murrumburrah. Writes ” Dr.” before his name, and “Surgeon” after.
ALLEN, W., Wingham.
ANDERSON, , Murrurundi.Practises as ” Doctor,” Chemist, and Photographer.
ANDREWS, S., Liverpool. Writes H.M.D. (Homeopath. Doctor of Med?) after his name. Advertises himself as ” Late Hon. Surgeon of the Bathurst Hospital,” whilst he had been only an attendant at that institution.
BARBER, Thomas, George.st., Parramatta.
BARRACLOUGH, Henry, Boggabri.Has practised in Australia for twenty years, in Boggabri these last ten years.
BOURCHIER, Joseph Gabbett, Tumberumba.M.D. Eclectic Med. Coll. Cincinnati, U.S.A., 1880. (?). Educated at Middleton, Co. Cork, Irel.; passed Matriculation Exam. in 1872, and studied at Qu. Coll. Cork, till 1876 completing full course of lectures. A ttended South Infirmary Cork, and the Cork Ophthalmic and Aural Hosp. Became AsSt. to Dr. Boldero, Parkside, Eng., in 1876; to Dr. Macaulay, Halifax, 1877; to Dr. Young, Reading, Berks., in 1878, and to Dr. Hoare, Birmingham. Has been in practice ten year s; visited U.S. of America in 1879. In 1881 acted as assistant to Dr. Borroughs, Frome, Somerset. Came out to Australia in 1882, acted as assistant to the late Dr. Barnett, Tintaldra, Vic; travelled as Med. Ref. to Aust. Widows’ Fund Life Ass. Co.; late S urg. Pacific R.M.S. ” Zealandia.”
BOWNAS, John, Nyngan.
BROWN, William, Wellington. Signs ” M.D.” after his name. States that he lost his diploma, and has been in practice since 1864, in New Zealand, Fiji, and N. S. Wales; in the latter colony sinee 1876, on the Manning and Macleay Rivers, and at Wellington, and that he has held the following appointments in New Zealand.- Surg. N.Z. Local Forces (1866); Govt Native Surg. (1866); Asst. Surg. Poverty Bay Mounted Rifles and Coroner (1867); Pub. Vacc.; (1868) Asst. Surg. Armed Constabulary (1869).
BRUCE, John, Cumnock.
CANN, –. Cooranbong.
CANNEY, R. B., Gunnedah.
CLARKE, F. W., Neweastle.Assistant to Dr. J. Harris; Late Dispenser N.S.W. Contingent in the Soudan.
CLARKE, Thomas Hamilton, Campbelltown. Stated In his evidence at a coroner’s inquest that, ” He was not trained for the medical profession, and never attended a lecture or hospital course.”
COLLIER, James B., travelling through the colony, last heard of at Braidwood. — Advertises: ” Thorough knowledge of his speciality gained at tbe Great Ophthalmic and Aural Hospitals of Europe enables him to advise and operate with confidence in ca ses of Throat Diseases, Deafness, Noise in the Head, Defective Sight, Squinting, Ophthalmia, Watery Humours, Ulcers, Cataract, Granulations, together with all the numerous diseases of thc Eye, Ear, and Throat, which are treatedd on a new and scientific principle. In obstinate cases of deafness, Dr Collier does not undertake to treat any case by the aid of medicine – such being, in fact, useless in those cases – but restores the ‘ hearing’ by mechanical means, viz., Ear tubes.”
COMBE, Charles John Rennie, Cooper St, Cootamundra. Claims to possess the degrees M.D., L et L.Mid., R.C.P. et R. C. S. Edin, 1862, also to have held the following appointments: Med. Off. to Exploring Expedition to West Coast N.Z. (1863), Res. Sur g. Wakatipu Distr. Hosp., N.Z; Med Off. Forbes Hosp., N S W. Claims to have studied for four years at the Edinburgh Univ. Has been in practice for 25 years.
CORNELIUS, E., Coonamble. Describes himself as a ” Genernl Medical Practitioner”. Has the word ” Surgeon” outside his chemist’s shop. Formerly a schoolmaster at Coonamble.
CRANE, Hedley, Peat’s Ferry, Hawkesbury River. Assistant to Dr. T. B. Belgrave, of Sydney; pupil to the late Dr. Tuttell, of Ventnor, for three years; attended various hospitals on operation days; acted as Locum Tenens and General Assistant in Engl and. Arrived in New South Wales early in 1885; was assistant to Dr Harding, late of Ryde, for 12 months.
CROMMELIN, Charles Ebden, corner Barker and Diary sts.; Casino. J P. Styles himself “Dr”. Med. Off. in charge of Casino Hospital. Formerly of Milton.
*CURLING, Miss Ellen. George-st., Parramatta. Ladies’ Doctor. Claims to have studied under her father, the late Dr. Curling, London; then for two years at the Ladies’ Medical Coll., Fitzroy Square; for two months at the City-rd Lying-in Hosp., London. States she holds certificates, with honours, from Ladies’ Med. Coll. for Midwifery, Diseases of Women, and Outlines of Med. Science. Arrived in Australia in 1870; practised for two years at St Kilda near Melbourne; for two years at Taradale, Vic., and for the last 12 years in Parramatta.
DALE, Alfred, Barringun. States he was pupil of Dr. Ogilvie, Lond.; Res. Asst. for two years at Charing Cross Hosp. Has practised m this colony at Coolah, Walgett, Goodooga, &c.
DEANS, Robert Dunlop, Tumut.
DRILLEX, William H., Tamworth.
DUCROT, Louis, High-st., West Maitland.
EDELMAN, Henry. Newcastle. Has on his card “Qualified Accoucheur from the Lying-in Hospital.” Late assistant to thc late Dr. Inglis.
FADDY, W., Crown-st., Wollongong. Has the word ” Surgeon” on his door, and practises as a general practitioner. For many years at Taree, Manning River.
FAITHFULL, George, Mitchell-st., Bourke. Advertises: ” Member University Edinburgh, late of Royal Dispensary and Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.
FALCONER, D. S., Nyngan.
FAUST, Nicholas Milton. M.P.S. of N. S. Wales. Studied for five years at Senkenberg’s Institute, Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Germany. Possesses certi- ficate entitling him to practise minor surgery, issucd by the Govt. at Wiesbaden in 1876, and registered under Class No. I, 2496. Has been in practice since 1876.
FISCHER,–, Hill End. J.P.; Miner.
FLOCKTON, F. P., Canowindra. Has becn practising in this district for over twenty-five years.
FLORANCE, Alfred H., Blayney. Styles himself ” Dr.” and writes after his name ” M.B., Ph. Ch., etc., Univ. Melbourne, 1865″.
GABBIEL, Charles L, West Kempsey. J.P. Native of Martinique, French West Indies. Apprentice to Dr. L’Estrade for three years, attended then the Hospital Fort Royal for two years; went then to Montpellier, France, to complete his study, but was compelled to relinquish his studies through want of means. Became surgeon on board a French whaler, left the ship at Akaroa, N Z., proceeded then to the South Sea Islands, where he practised for three years under the auspices of the French Catholic Mission. Settled then in N. S. Wales, and has been in practice for thirty-six years.
GAGGIN, Richard Nason, ” River View,” Lismore. Claims the degrees “L.R.C,P. and L.R.C.S. and L.M.E.”
GILDEA, G. P. M., West Kempsey.
GOTHLEN, John, Moama.– Student and Graduate of the Univ. of Upsala, Sweden. Said to be a very good practitioner, and entirely reliable man.
HARCOURT, G. H., late of Carcoar.– Advertises the degrees of M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P.E.
HARRIS,– , Orange.
HEWITT,– , Bowenfels.
HICKS,– , Ferndale Estate, Bellinger River.– Has practised in N.S.W. 2 1/2 years.
HIGGS, C. P., Clarence Town.– Advertises: ” Dr. C. P. Higgs, M.R.C.S.E;., L.A.C.L.M. aud S.D., and Government Vaccinator for Dungog, &c.” Has been practising in this district for upwards of 25 years.
HINTON, H., Sofala.
HOLDEN, REV. R. W., ” Montacute House,” Lawrence, Clarence Rivcr.– Church of England clergyman of over 24 years’ standing. Studied Allopathy and Homeopathy privately, and under the late Dr. Hammond, in England, for over seven years. Treated the p oor when in active parish work in Victoria and South Australia. Settled at Lawrence in 1881, and, finding that there was no resident medical practitioner, undertook to attend urgent cases. His practice increased, and he now devotes himself solely to the p ractice of medicine.
HOLLAND, REV. EDWARD, Dubbo.– Homeopathist.
JOHNSTONE, R., Fernmount, late of Brushgrove.
KELLY,– , Brewarrina.
KENDRICK, F. J., Gosford.– Assistant to Dr. Calder.
KENRICK, G. H., Walgett.– Druggist, Coroner, and Medical Practitioner; late in charge of Walgett Hospital.
LA ROCHE,– , Gosford.
LAUGHTON, Ross, Mitchell (Sunny Corner).– Chemist; has the word “Surgeon” on his window.
LEE, Lewis, late of Port Macquarie, Stroud, Murwillumbah, Jerilderie, and other places.– Styles himself “Dr.” Advertises: “All cases of Accouchement and Uterine Diseases of either sex will be charged extra.”
LOONEY, M. S. A., Toogong.– Adds the following letters after his name, ” B.A., B.Sc., B.C.L., B.M., &c.” Claims to be a lawfully ordained Ch. of E. clergyman. States that he studied at St. Mary’s Coll. Kilkenny, and Christ College, Cashel, Irelan d. Then proceeded to America and continued studies at the General Theological Seminary, New York, also at St. Luke’s Hosp. in connection with the Univ of N. York, and received the degrees B.A., B.C.L., B.C.; then returned to England, and studied at King’s Coll. and King’s Coll. Hosp. in connection with the London Univ., and received the degrees B.Sc., L.L.B., B.M.; also went to Dublin, and obtainedthe degrees B.D., B.S. Gained first-class honours and medals in nearly every science. Intended to become a Me dical Missionary. Laboured in America, India, Africa, and Australia for over fifteen years.
LOUGHNAN, EDMUND B., Coonabarabran.– Advertises himself as ” Dr. Loughnan.” Med. Att. Coonabarabran Cottage Hosp., and Loy. Castlereagh Lodge of Oddfellows. Claims to possess the degrees “L.R.C.S. Irel., L.K.Q.C.P. Irel. et L.M., 1862 “; also cla lms to have held the following appointments: ” Late Phys. Childr. Inflrm., Manchester, Eng. formerly House Surg. Jervis-st. Hosp. Dubl., and Res. Accoucheur Coombe’s Lying-in Hosp., Dubl.” In active practice since 1862, in N. S. Wales since 1879.
MacCABE, HENRY 0., Wollongong.
McCOLL, D. S., travelling in N. S. Wales.
McCULLAGH,– , Mt. Vincent.
McGILL, ROBERT WARREN, Mitchell, Sunny Corner.– By evidence given in an assault case at the Police Court, Mitchell, on March 17,1886, he calls himself an ” Authorized Medical Practitioner,” though he admits that he is not warranted in using the t itle of Doctor, as he has no diploma. Says that ” he holds an authority from New Zealand to make up medicines.”
MANBY,– , Tuena.
MARSHALL, HENRY MORTON, Gundagai.– M.D. Cincinnati, U.S.A., 1871; Govt. Med. Off. and Vacc. (On N.S. Wales register prior to 1885.)
MILNE, JOHN S., Wollombi.
MOLZ, Jacob, late of Sydney and Kogarah, now of Albury.– Claims the degree M.D. New York Homeopath. Coll. of Phys. Advertises: ” Ladies’ and Children’s Diseases a specialty.”
OAKESHOTT, JOHN JAMES, Gosford.– Undergraduate Lond. Univ.; states he has gone through full curriculum at St. Bartholomew’s Hosp., Lond.; and passed intermediate examination for the double qualification, Edin. Univ. Was assistant to Dr. Calder fr om March, 1885 to April, 1886.
ODY, Wilberforce, Minmi.– States he was registered as a student at Durham on Sept 16,1875; attended Bristol Med. Sch. Lnnded in the colony in 1882; was assistant to late Dr. Browne, of Campbelltowm, for six months; has practised at Minmi since. O’REILLY, –, Cobargo.
PATON, ANDREW, ” Milltown Hotel,” Bathurst. Publican.– Practises as ” Eye Doctor.”
PAUL, REV. FATHER, Bundarra.– R.C. Priest.
PERICLES, J. (RODOCANACHI), Rylstone.– Pub. Vacc. Native of Greece. Studied medicine for two years at the Panepistimion (or University) of Greece; then continued studies in Smyrna under Drs. Chas. Wood and Jas. McCraith; also at the British Marit ime Hosp., Smyrna, for five years. Came out to Australia in 1858, resided in Victoria till 1863, and since then has practised in N.S.W. (22 years). Was Coroner for the Burrangong (Young) District, and Med. Off. to Grenfell Hosp. Styles himself “General Pr actitioner,” and is prepared to undergo any reasonable examination in all branches of the medical profession.
POWER, ARTHUR, Casino.– States: Educated at Roy. Coll. Liege, Belgium and St. John’s School, Hurst-Pierpoint, Sussex, Eng. pupil of Dr. Heelas, Reading, Eng., Sen. Res. Dispenser Melbourne Hosp., three years; states he had charge of Dunolly and M aldon Hosps., Vic., afterwards Asst. Surg Malden Island, So. Pacific; late Med. Off. H.M. Gaol, Port Macquarie, N.S.W.; Govt. Vacc Wilmington and Melrose, B.A. Has been in practice seven years.
PRITCHARD, WALTER G, near Balranald.– Lives four miles from Balranald; waa practising in Castlemaine (Vic.) some years ago; professes to be registered in Victoria, though his name does not appear on official register.
REAY, F. W., Charlton-st., Newcastle.
REDHEAD, Ernest W., Bingera.– J.P. At one time in charge of Warialda Hospital. Apprenticed to J. H. Stallard in 1847; attended Hospital practice at Leicester Infirmary, the General Dispensary, Union Workhouse Infirmary, and St. Mark’s District in the Union. Practised in Sydney for a few months, waa for five years Dispenser at Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum, and has been practising in the Gwydir District for more than twenty years.
REID, R. Lawson– Signs M.D. after name.
*RENAUD, Mrs, travelling in N.S. Wales.– Advertises: ” Mrs. Dr. Renaud, M.D., the eminent Female Specialist, &c. Specialties– Diseases of Women and Children, Nervous Affections, and all chronic and complicated complaints.”
RIGNEY, –, Carp-st., Bega.– Formerly wardsman in Sale Hosp., Vic.
ROBINSON,– , Greta.
RYAN, JOSEPH, Wolumla– Styles himself ” Physician and Surgeon.” Visits Pambula every Thursday.
ST. GEORGE,– , Mitchell, Sunny Corner — Styles himsclf ” Dr.” Advertises: ” Dr. St. George, Physician and Surgeon, latc Surgeon to the Burraga Copper Mine; also Assist Surgeon to the N.S.W. Contingent “. Surg. Miners’ Union, Mitchell; was a Di spenser to N.S.W. Contingent in the Soudan.
SANTOS, J. G., Queanbeyan.
SCHULTZEN,– , Branxton.
*SCOTCH MARY, Blacktown; late of Bondi, near Sydney.
SIBLEY,– , Wallsend.– Assistant to Dr. Nash.
SLEEMAN, JOHN, travelling in N. S. Wales.– Signs ” M.B. et Ch. M. Cambr.” after his name; practised at Bingera from July 1884 to April 1885; formerly of Ophir (N.Z.), and Ballarat (Vic.).
STREET,– , Ballina.
TET FONG, Armidale.– Chinese doctor.
THOMAS, –, Scone.– Styles himself ” Dr.”
THOMAS, –, travelling in N. S. Wales. Advertises: ” Dr. Thomas, P.D.U., attends to any case of Sickness and Disease, Cancers, Tumers, Indigestion, Stomaeh Disortiers, Female’s and Children’s Complaints, and every form of Disease treated. Th ose suffering from Rheumatism, Chest and Lung Affections, Asthma, also Chronic Diseases, would be well to consult Dr. Thomas. Fees moderate. Dr. Thomas examines every person with test Types, Jaggers and Talldy’s Optimeter, becanse if wrong glasses are given, it leads to very distressing complaints. Best Pebble Spectacles, £1 18. per pair. No extra chargc for examining the eye and suiting the sight.”
TREVANA,–, Denman.
TROLLOPE,–, Buckinbong.
TURNER, William, Bourke. Homeopathist. Advertises himself as “Physician and Surgeon.” Formerly at Dubbo.
TURNER, William Beatty, Wallerawang. States he had four years medical study in Edinburgh, and six months at St. George’s Hospital, London. Passed two examinations at University of Edinburgh. Has practised at Wallerawang for 16 years.
WALKER, A, E. Oscar, Greta. In practice at Greta for about five years.
WESTON, F., Western st., Parramatta.
WILLIAMS, John Cresslyn, Greta. In practice at Greta for about 10 years.
WILLIAMS, Llewellen A. Late Assistant in Newcastle.
WINDRUM, H., Adelong.
WRIGHT, John, ” Medical Hall,” Mittagong; also at the ” Surgery,” Moss Vale M.P.S. Advertises: ” In all cases requiring care, attention, and strict confidence, he may be relied upon. No unnecessary expense, no mystery, and no humbug; but plain comm on sense. His reputation for his treatment of children, skin discases, &c, is widely established and generally known, and no fee will be taken for medicine if he cannot promise a good result.”