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AYRES, R., Taranaki-st., Wellington. In partnership with Charles Fergusson, ” Specialist,” of Auckland.
CAMPBELL, Frederick W., Totara Flat, Westland. Practitioner, schoolmaster, and farmer.
COWELL, John, Napier.Homeopathist.
EVISON,–, Kumara, Westland.Pub Vacc.
FERGUSSON, Charles, High-st., Auckland.Styles himself “Specialist.” Advertises: ” My first advice to all is – that the very instant you notice anything wrong fly to me, for delay is ruin. To every person who is conscious of having practised self-ab use, I would say ‘Consult me at once.’ To all persons about to marry I would more especially say ‘ Consult me at once.’ To every man who persists in associating with ‘strange women,’ I would say ‘ Keep a most jealous eye on your person, and as soon as yo u perceive anything amiss, consult me!’ To every women who fears that her husband is going astray, I would say ‘Be watchful. If he sins, you are in peril; but if applied to in time, I can save you and your children from perishing for another’s fault.’ ” FLETCHER,–, Green Island; also at Mosgiel, Otago.
GARNIER,–, Karangahape-rd., Auckland. Med. Electrician. (Native of France.)
HAWKINS,–, 140 George-st., Dunedin. Said to have been barber in England, barber and bird-stuffer in the States, then barber in Dunedin. Practised afterwards in Sydney, now in Dunedin, in connection with his wife, Mrs. Louisa H.
*HAWKINS, Mrs Louisa. 140 George-st., Dunedin. Wife of the former. Advertises: “Advice Free.Mrs Louisa Hawkins can be consulted daily; Sunday evening from 7 to 10.”
McMURDO, Charles Napier, Warkworth (Prov. Auckland), N.Z. In practice at W. for the last twelve years.
NEIL, –, 96 George-st., Dunedin. Styles himself ” Dr.” Said to have been a pastry cook. Got a diploma of some description in the U. States. Advertises that ” having finished his preliminary studies necessary to Legal Qualification, he will be at t he service of those who prefer Herbal to other systems of medication.” Considers himself ” a doctor born out of due time.”
PARKES, William, Christchurch, Medical Galvanist.
RENAUD,–, ” The New Zealand Eclectic Medical lnstitute,” 42 Shortland.st., Auckland. Styles himself “Signor Renaud, the celebrated Electopathist, Botanic Practitioner, Specialist, Professor of Natural Science, &c.” Advertises: ” All those who may be suffering with any form of Disease should at once consult the only natural healer of all Diseases in New Zealand, who practises upon Hygienic, Eclectic, Utilitarian, and Cosmopolitan Principles, nature’s own system of healing all forms and phases of discase, disregarding altogether the use of Mineral Drugs and Poisons. Success certain in all cases undertaken.”
SANDERS,–, Parnell (Auckland) Homeopathist.
WARING,–, Richmond (Prov. Neison.)