EJANZH: Software Sites for Historians

Agency for Instructional Technology “AIT products include video programming, interactive videodiscs, computer software, CD-ROMs, and supporting print. AIT materials, which comprise 40% of all broadcast video classroom programming in the U.S. and Canada, are used on six continents, reaching nearly 34 million students in North American classrooms each year.”

Cambrix Publishing Inc. “Cambrix Publishing is one of the leading publishers of CD-ROM multimedia titles in the United States. Cambrix titles cover a wide range of topics in the education, reference and lifestyle fields.”

CSAC The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing’s Software Archives. Contains references to software that is mainly of interest to field researchers.

Diskovery This site links you to the software index for the Diskovery Educational Systems Corporation.

Laurence Production Features software and other multimedia educational products.

LearnWare, Inc. develops and publishes advanced interactive language learning systems.

National Information Services Corporation“NISC publishes a full range of bibliographic and full-text databases. Since 1990, our CD-ROM, print products, abstract and index services have been used by university libraries and research centers in nearly every country. In 1997, we added BiblioLine, our new Web search service.”

Norman Ross Publishing, Inc. “An extensive collection of reference materials on CD-ROM.”

Turboguide “The most comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use CD-ROMs and Commercial Software directory. More than 32,000 records on-line.”

Weller Media Products A discount software catalogue, with a special focus in educational products.

ZDNetCalled the “Software Library,” this is a searchable database for software shareware. Includes a fair amount of academic software.

ZPID Psychologie im Internet: Software. This German-language website organizes links for psychology, statistics, and other social research software.