EJS – Call for Papers


for a special issue of the EJS


A special issue of the EJS is being devoted to a discussion of growing concerns about the decline in quality of higher education. Submissions are being solicited that focus on such key issues and themes as:

  1. the growth of the consumer in the academy.
  2. declining classroom and teaching resources – its impact on teaching and research
  3. technology instead of teachers – in pursuit of technically sweet pedagogical strategies?
  4. the university and the philanthropist – corporate control through granting strategies and selective attention
  5. the entrepreneurial nature of academics – the academic consultant meets C.W. Mills – situated actions and vocabularies of motive
  6. private corporations and the centre of excellence – co-funders, co-researchers, co-spenders and co-conspirators(?)
  7. issues in the digital democratization of education
  8. the rising star of the business and applied faculties in universities – a response to the demand for relevance
  9. declining subject areas – wither the classics
  10. the use of business rationales to alter tutoring or instruction models, the age of coaches, mentors, academic experts, and retired professors in the university classrooms
  11. pedagogical strategies for high-enrollment upper level undergraduate courses,
  12. the professorial clown – the educator as entertainer

Because of the wide relevance of suggested themes, it is envisioned that this issue of the EJS will be broadly multidisciplinary. Submissions from all disciplines are welcomed.

The EJS is not constrained by space limitations. Thus every effort will be made to publish all submissions that meet scholarly standards.

Papers can be submitted as a wordprocessor document (as en email attachment) to [email protected].

Deadline for submissions in March 31, 1998