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William T. Hathaway won a Rinehart Foundation Award for his first novel, A World of Hurt, which was based on his experiences in the US Special Forces in Panama and Vietnam. An anti-war activist, Hathaway is a member of Veterans Call to Conscience, which encourages soldiers to refuse to kill, and of a group of European peace workers that has established a sanctuary network sheltering US soldiers who have refused to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. He was interviewed for Military Service and Christian Conscience, a video production of the Episcopal Church.

Hathaway was born in Mississippi, raised in the Rocky Mountains, and educated at Columbia University and the University of Washington. He spent a year and a half in Central Asia researching and writing Summer Snow.

His fiction, poetry, journalism, and literary criticism appear in over 40 periodicals, and he wrote the introduction to America Speaks Out: Collected Essays from Dissident Writers. His third novel, The Road Back, will be published in 2006. He teaches college English and was a Fulbright professor of creative writing at universities in Germany, where he is currently living.