Electronic Journal of Sociology


Our leaders are murderers. They have unleashed a juggernaut of aggression through our world, crushing multitudes of soft, breathing human beings, creating more counter-violence at every turn, lumbering towards annihilation. The brutal men who rule us are too ignorant for the power they wield, and we can’t let them keep killing. Now none of us in any country is safe.

The conventional means of bringing peace have failed, and we must try a different approach. SUMMER SNOW is a novel about an ancient but now scientifically studied technique of preventing war by defusing violence in the collective consciousness that joins us all.

Amidst the war on terrorism, a US warrior falls in love with a Sufi Muslim and learns from her an alternative to the military mentality. While US Special Forces battle al-Qaeda, the escalating violence threatens their future together and the lives of thousands in her country. To save them, she shows him a way to bring peace to the collective consciousness and prevent terrorism. But can they make it work in time?

SUMMER SNOW is a story of passion, adventure, and mystic wisdom whose theme is that higher consciousness is more effective than violence and that women may be more able than men to lead us there.

William T. Hathaway’s first novel, A WORLD OF HURT, won a Rinehart Foundation Award, and his shorter work appears in over 40 periodicals. He teaches college English and was a Fulbright professor at universities in Germany, where he’s currently living.