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The following is a short survey that I use to evaluate the Lightning Path.  Please feel free to take this survey once you have completed the core through advanced levels of training, and have been practicing with The Great Invocation on a regular basis (i.e. several times a day) for a period of at least six months.  When you have completed this survey, please feel free to post your responses (positive or negative) in the evaluating the Lightning Path thread on the forums.

  1. Describe briefly how you came upon the LP materials.
  2. About how long have you been in contact with the materials?
  3. How often do you perform the Great Invocation chakra activation in a day?
  4. Have you ever had any physical sensations as a result chakra activation associated with the GI (this would include vibration or thrumming on or above the chakra points, palpitations, feelings of rushing energy through your body, etc.)
  5. Have you ever had any psychological reactions as a result chakra activation associated with the Great Invocation (euphoria, depression, recovery of childhood trauma, enhanced awareness of patterns and issues in your life, etc.). Please elaborate.
  6. What other Lightning Path Practices do you engage in, and how often (i.e., deep breathing, visualization, protection rituals, taking back power, The Prayer, working with the Halo/Sharp Tarot).
  7. Describe any additional positive or negative reactions you had when initially reading the LP materials?
  8. Has a study of the materials, concepts, and techniques of the LP benefited your emotional, psychological, spiritual, or sociological health in any way? Please feel free to discuss both positive outcomes and negative outcomes as you have experienced them.
  9. Has a study of these materials impacted your family life and/or your relations in any way positive or negative. Please explain.

On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is strongly disagree, 3 is neither agree nor disagree, and 5 is strongly agree, answer the following questions.

_____5_My spirituality has improved since stepping onto the Lightning Path

_____5_I understand the big picture less now than I did before.
_____1_I am more fearful now that I was before I started.
_____4_I am more empowered now than I was before.
_____5_I am more critical of spiritual authors and spiritual teachings now than before.
_____5_Overall, I have seen positive improvements in my health since stepping onto the Lightning Path.
_____5_Overall, I have seen positive improvements in my well being since stepping onto the Lightning Path.
Is there anything specific you would like add to this questionnaire that hasn’t been covered. Feel free to free associate and put down anything that comes to mind.

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