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Once you’ve spent some time on the LP, once you’ve read the books, perused the forum, asked your questions, practiced the techniques, and so on (in other words once you’ve given the system a fair shake), please feel free to post your comments on this forum.  The LP is very broad and ambitious in scope and in order to make the system successful and powerful I really do need your feedback, so share. If you feel so inclined, share with us the strengths and weakness of the system as you see them. Tell us what’s missing, what we could explain better, and so on. Your feedback will help us improve the LP and make it a truly global path to spiritual awakening and empowerment.

Don’t feel you have to provide feedback now. You can choose not to or come back down the road a bit when you’ve had more time to process and integrate. In fact, in some ways this may be better. You may find that your appreciation for the technique and information provided by the LP Core grows as you utilize that information to navigate not only the more advanced levels of LP, but also the roads and byways of the “real” world as it shakes an shifts into a new reality. So take your time, integrate, and comment when (and if) you get the idea and feel the urge. Just click the link below and let us know how you feel.

LP Core Feedback Forum.

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