Fabric of Consciousness – Theory –

I coined the term Fabric of Consciousness back in 2002 or 2003 when I began writing my Book of Light.  At that time I did an Internet search for the term and nothing came up and as far as I know, I am the first one to ever use the term in any form, much less to refer to the fundamental aspect of physical reality which is the consciousness of spirit (a.k.a. The Fabric of Consciousness).

The term is a little difficult to define in a short web page like this, so I recommend you download and read The Book of Light volume one for a definition. But in a few words or less, I would define the Fabric of Consciousness as simple (but powerful) awareness). The Fabric of Consciousenss is awareness pure and simple, as I say in the Book of Light.

Of course, The Fabric of Consciousness is a lot of other things as well. As outlined in The Book of Light all volumes, The Fabric encompasses God with a big “G,” god with a little “g” (both terms I coin and define in The first volume of The Book of Light), and monadic intensifications. It is the Unfolding of the Fabric of Consciousness (a term also coined and defined in The Book of Light volume one) which underpins the “first creation” (an ideational reality that exists wholly within the awareness of Spirit/consciousness) and it is The Fabric of Consciousness that is involved in subsequent iterations of physical creation. [The Fabric of] Consciousness is the root of all things, as I say in volume one.

Interestingly enough, the concept of The Fabric of Consciousness provides for a non-hierarchical and authority free conceptualization of Spirit. Unlike old world spiritualities, which love to posit some kind of “executive force,” my conceptualization of The Fabric of Consciousness provides for an egalitarian representation of the creative forces of this universe. It is not simply that we are all equal in the eyes of God, it is that we are all manifestations of God’s (with a big “G”) consciousness. In this conceptualization, God is the sum-totality of all “intensified” monads while god with a little “g” is simply the first monad to intensify. Also, as I clearly point out in the introduction to The Book of Light, the concept of The Fabric provides absolutely no room for evil. In the conceptualization provided in the Book of Light, only the light of consciousness exists, period.

Notions that we are all “God” are of course not knew. It’s a common theme in the new age movement and the idea can be found in some Eastern philosophies. What is new and novel in the Lightning Path treatment is how the idea of consciousness and God are developed. Starting from the foundation that consciousness is the primary, and primordial, reality, in the multiple volumes of the Book of Light, all things (including all aspects of physical reality) are shown to flow.

Currently only volume one of The Book of Light is published. Volume two is available to site subscribers. Volume three and four will available sometime mid 2012.

Several key terms are defined in The Book of Light. These include:

  1. The Fabric of Consciousness
  2. The Unfolding of Consciousness
  3. Monadic intensifications
  4. The dimensional unfolding of reality
  5. God with a big “G”
  6. God with a little “g”

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