Well, the short answer is, yes.

Of course.

In fact, there are two instances in which we can say that we are literally surrounded by aliens.

First of all, there are aliens all around us in invisible ships.

Think I’m kidding? Consider this. In 2004 a Mexican army fighter jet recorded several circular objects as they intelligently tracked the pilot’s flight path through the air. What is so startling about this is that the objects only showed up on infrared camera! To the naked eye, the objects were invisible!!

Just imagine, invisible objects could be right above your home right now, and you wouldn’t even know it.


Now, I’m not trying to freak you out. I know there’s nothing to be afraid of and besides, with technology that far in advance of ours, if they had evil intent, they wouldn’t need to ask permission for anything. Would they? Obviously, if they are here (and if they’ve been here since at least Roswell), they are here with good intent. Nothing to fear.

Second of all, there are aliens all around us inhabiting human bodies.

I know that to some people reading, this may seem like total nonsense, but that is only because you adopt two erroneous notions about identity and existence. Erroneous notion one is that your identity is determined by the body that you are born into. That is, you are cacausian, black, Chinese, or whatever. Erroneous notion two is that you live out your lifetime (or your lifetimes) in the same type of body. That is, you are born a human, you live a human, you die a human, and you (go to heaven or) are re-born a human.

Of course, neither of those notions are true. On the one hand, and although most of you reading this still draw identity from your body (i.e., you are female, American, Native, whatever), in fact you have a greater identity (your higher self) that participates in a greater consciousness that draws its identity from a much bigger reality than you are used to inhabiting (see my Book of Light) with your veiled consciousness. In that greater reality, being human occupies only a tiny fraction of your total corporeal (and non-corporeal) experience.

On the other hand, the human body is not the only vehicle model that we get to choose from. We are immortal spirit and we can live out a life in any kind of body we choose. You want to fly like an eagle or swim like a dolphin? Chances are you have. You believe you aren’t from this earth? Chances are you are not. Where are you originally from? Could be many places. With the lifting of The Veil (see my Book of the Triumph of Spirit) you’ll remember in short time. For now just think about what I’ve told you. Expand your mind a little bit and consider the possibility.

Are there aliens among us?

Well duh.

Of course!

The writing is on the wall, as they say.