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Ah, Black Friday. It’s typically the biggest shopping day of the year and, for that reason, the happiest date on the calendar for retailers. On Black Friday, retailers who have been languishing in the red can count on raking in …

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There is a crucial distinction between explanatory systems that are based upon fate vs. prediction. Both perspectives purport to shed light upon the course of future events, however, fate is based upon a faith in metaphysics whereas prediction is scientific. …

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If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Morpheus in The Matrix. Ray Kurzweil is obsessed with artificial intelligence (AI). Kurzweil has written a series of bestselling …

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As Republicans conduct an autopsy of the 2012 election they’ll need to acknowledge that their particular brand of vanilla–rich, white, and well-aged–is no longer a recipe for electoral success. No doubt, this will be a tough pill to swallow. After …

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One can hardly broach the subject of agency without acknowledging the long-standing and unresolved philosophical debate regarding the agency vs. determination dichotomy. To provide an illustration of the extent of disagreement over this dualism, determinists, such as Stephen Hawking have …

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A brave new world has emerged for our children. Whereas once bullying was confined to the school yard, or the back hall, now bullying penetrates into every aspect of their life space. At night, alone, in their bedroom, surrounded by family, our children have become targets, and victims. What are we going to do and who are we going to turn to? As Nat King Cole once sang, “Straighten out and fly right…”

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There is no doubt that being a university professor is a privilege, and certainly protected speech is one of them. Not always, but sometimes, university researchers say things that other people don’t like. Tobacco is addictive, cell phones might cause brain cancer, and class warfare wages on. Some people might not like us to say these things, like the Tobacco lobby for example, or the uber rich people who control the world, but society and democracy benefits from open intellectual criticism and debate. It is why the right to free speech was enshrined in the first place. We need to stand up for our right to speak without censure, without reprisal, and without fear. In the age of an open Internet society, anything else seems medieval, backwards, and just plain wrong.

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As a therapist I see everyday the victimization of women, and men. In intimate relationships physical, psychological, and emotional violence are as common as the Hollywood action film. They occur outside of relationships as well, but just how much of it occurs is hard to tell not only because we often don’t “see” violence when directed at men, by women, but also because fear and ego get in the way of reporting, or so we think. In this survey we take a look at some of the factors that impact whether people report sexual victimization or not. If you’ve ever been victimized, male or female, consider taking the survey. It will help us get a better picture of the extent to which male and female victimization goes unreported.

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Revelations! That is what we have here. REVELATIONS. From the nefarious conduct of Boy Scout leaders, to priestly pedophilia, to professional misconduct and protection of predators at the highest level, the world is changing and criminals are slowly being brought to justice. Such an exciting time we live in.

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There’s something wrong in the world today, and Sociologists know what it is. From the School of the America’s (website, Wikipedia) to the increasing gap between rich and poor, to the colonial wars of violent conquest conducted in the name of freedom, but really about power and greed, things just don’t look good. So what are you going to do, and where are we to go from here? Violence is never the solution but knowledge is power, so read, study, discover, take a sociology class, and get yourself some knowledge.

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