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Timothy McGettigan


goodsciencesmall-2584047Drawing upon a sequence of the most important breakthroughs in the history of science, Good Science develops a ground-breaking argument about the evolution of social reality. Good Science is composed in an engaging style that will capture the interest of students who are new to discussions of the history and philosophy of science. In addition, Good Science also offers scholars a new theoretical framework through which to resolve longstanding dilemmas in the philosophy of science.

From Galileo, to Darwin, Einstein and beyond, landmark achievements in science have transformed the way that we perceive and live in the real world. Indeed, science routinely transcends the boundaries of lived reality; transforming what was once fantasy, such as space travel or thinking computers, into commonplace features of everyday reality.

Good Science asserts that the fortunes of humanity have always been closely associated with the pursuit of more and better knowledge: truth. Thus, imperfect as it may be, science offers the best means of confronting global crises, redefining reality and creating the abundant opportunities for humanity to thrive in the future.
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Tim McGettigan is a professor of sociology at Colorado State University – Pueblo. The Socjournal is an outstanding resource for all things sociological. Too often, the media examines social issues from a singularly economic perspective. If you really want to understand how the social world works, it’s better to use a broader, clearer lens. In this column, I will discuss a variety of forces (technological, scientific, political, cultural, and, yeah okay, economic) that are currently reshaping the globe. Whether or not the world is changing for the better is an open question — and, thus, it’s a question that I look forward to debating at length in this column.