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Blow your own horn and wake up the world

Do you have what it takes to use your sociological imagination?

Do you have what it takes to step outside the staid box of intellectual insentience?

Can you string words together in meaningful and entertaining ways (or is this something you might want to learn how to do)?

Do you want more than a handful of people to benefit from your expensive education and nascent creative brilliance?

Then consider writing for the Socjourn!

The Socjourn aims to define modern sociology and bring it to the world and if you are someone who knows sociology and wants to  help with that, then the Socjourn is for you. Get out from behind your books, use your imagination and write for us. Discuss your research (or someone else’s), educate, entertain, blow your horn, and bring the hidden world of Sociology to the globe.

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Posted by Dr. Michael Sosteric on October 5, 2010.

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