Halo/Sharp Tarot Card Wheel – LP Intermediate Books –

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This is the supplemental online book for your intermediate level study. This material is to be used in conjunction with The Book of the Triumph of Spirit. This material should be read along with the card descriptions provided in the tarot book. These descriptions provide additional explanation of old world archtypes, and additional context for the developed of new archetypes and solid, grounded right thinking.

To browse the cards, click with your mouse in the lower left or right hand corners of the applet, or simply use your arrow keys. To select a card, simply click and the associated description will be brought up. Don’t feel the need rush through this material. Ideally you’ll pick a card a week (or so), study the old world ideas and the new world ideas, and spend all the time you need rooting any of the old world ideas out of your brain. Be persistant and consistent and you will notice changes in your own consciousness. Your awareness should increase, your understanding and wisdom should expand, and you’re confidence will blossom as you continue with the processing of seating your higher consciousness in the thrown of it’s creation.

Two other things:

  1. You can find additional analysis and discussion of the cards at the forums. Follow this link.
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