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Think you got what it takes to be a writer? Wanna put that expensive social science education to good use? Wanna rev up that creative right brain? Wanna decouple academic pedagogy from stultifying classroom environments? Wanna poke your colleagues with a pointy stick? Wanna have some fun? Then crank it up a notch and write for the Socjourn. It’s better than beating yourself in the brain with yet another dry and dusty scholarly journal.

Shout it out loud

Do you wanna do something useful with your expensive education?

Wanna reach beyond the boundaries (or is that bindings) of your academic indoctrination?

Wanna reach out with your sociological wisdom and touch the world?

Fancy yourself a creative writer?

Wanna help redefine the discipline?

Wanna help change the world?

Then write for the Socjourn! We are currently looking for students, professors, and practitioners with the creative chutzpah to speak out, speak up, and speak about the discipline they love.  Why not put pen to paper, put that right brain to good use, and share with the world.

If you are interested in doing a regular column, we are interested in paying you. Payment is nominal and honorary but expected to increase over time. If you have a good idea for a regular column, are interested in a fancy CV line item, and want to make some lunch money, contact us.

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