– How to follow the LP properly ? –

Core level

In any case, for your reference, and as I’ve already said, there are four levels of LP study. The core level is the introductory level. It is where you start. If you were to think of your physical body like a vehicle or car, and if you were to imagine that this car has been sitting in the driveway for a long time, then the core level is the part of the process where you turn the car on to see how good it is running. You do this, as you will see, by activating your chakras and processing and clearing any blockages and fears that come up. This is an important part of the process and you should not skip it or jump ahead. This part of the process helps you identify blocks, fears, psychological instabilities, and damages to your physical unit (i.e. damaged ego) that may cause you difficulty as you advance and especially as you begin to reconnect to The Fabric of Consciousness (see The Book of Light volume one). The bottom line is, you have to focus on and repair your physical unit before you put it into direct contact with your powerful spiritual consciousness. If you fail to identify significant blocks, and if you move forward to a more direct connection to the Fabric of Consciousness before you are ready, psychosis and serious long term damage to your physical unit, and your ability to awaken and empower, is possible.

And once again this is not to scare you. The LP is a carefully designed and graduated system and most people have no difficulty with it. However, there is the possibilty of difficulty and you need to be alert to that fact. A simple and honest request for assistance and grounding can make all the difference between a difficult awakening experience, and a smooth and comfortable transition out of the maya and illusion of the old world.

For exemple, I know that the breathing technique,the vizualisation and the protective shield is probably the first step.

very important have you read the Dossier? Getting good energy flow from your chakras is important. This can take time, it all depends on your physical unit and the amount of damage and all your fears.