Intermediate Commentary – LP Intermediate Study Guide – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

By the time you reach the LP Intermediate level, your perspective on your physical unit (i.e. your body and mind) should have changed. At this level, rather than seeing your body as the locus of your identity, or as a mere empty shell, you should now see your body and brain as a container (or vehicle) for your higher consciousness. At this point you should also be free of (or at least questioning) the dogma and nonsense that sees your primary spiritual task as soul evolution. Instead, you should be focused clearly on the physical unit. You should be aware that as a result of the negative socialization processes of this planet, not to mention the significant levels of shit and abuse you experience growing up on this world, your physical unit is damaged. You should also be aware that because of that damage your physical unit cannot contain higher levels of your own spiritual consciousness. As a result of the damaging socialization process we undergo, your physical unit is out of alignment with its higher consciousness and this misalignment causes disjuncture which prevents consciousness from entering into the body.

At this point you should also have a growing awareness that your primary task is not “soul evolution” or “consciousness evolution” but simply healing. As lopsided as it might seem to somebody who hasn’t read the core books, your spiritual goal has nothing to do with your spirit and everything to do with your body. As you learn at the LP Core level, spirituality is not a problem of the soul, it is a problem of the body and in order to walk a spiritual path you have to understand the damage that has been done to your body (i.e. your physical unit) so that you can heal that damage and begin the process of expanding consciousness into your body (i.e. awakening and empowering). The process of awakening and empowerment is what leads you towards physical and mental health, authentic spiritual experience, and total understanding and enlightenment.

The Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening

The LP Intermediate level gives you the tools you need to begin, in earnest, the process of healing your body. There are two steps in this Intermediate process of healing your physical unit. One is activation of your body’s energy system (i.e. your chakras) and the other is a detailed process of mental sanitation. The activation of your body’s energy system is straightforward and easy. Using the Great Invocation meditation included in the book The Dossier of the Ascension, you activate your seven principle chakras by a simple process of intent and visualization, like opening your hand–just think about it, and it is done. Once you’ve activated, however, the real work begins. Activating your body’s energy system increases your ability to create and manifest and when that happens, any of the gunk that you have been filled up with, all the fear and misconception, all the anger and hatred, all the sadness and sorrow, will begin to bubble to the surface and manifest in the world around you. It will be your job during this phase of your activation process to confront all the gunk that bubbles up, and clear that gunk. Clearing the gunk is an essential part of activation since if you do not clear it, if you cave into your fears or allow misconception to hamstring you, your energy system shuts down once again. But that’s ok. Simply use the Great Invocation meditation once again and reactive. Keep doing that until all the blockages (i.e. fears, issues, misconceptions, etc.) that keep your energy from flowing freely are removed and you are functioning with a free flowing chakra system.

Incidentally, one of the things that is very important at this intermediate level is the process of taking your power back. The book, The Dossier of the Ascension begins by encouraging you to do this. What’s more important than the intent to take your power back however is proving to yourself that you do have power. The reality is most of us have had our power taken away from us through a process of childhood indoctrination (we speak about this in both The Dossier of the Ascension and The Book of Life) that limited us in several key ways. This limitation has indeed left us powerless and extremely doubtful. Tell somebody that they have the power of God in their hands, as I do in The Dossier of the Ascension, and they are likely to scoff and laugh. The Dossier goes beyond that though and actually provides you with the guidance you need to prove this to yourself. Indeed, once you begin proper chakra activation with the Great Invocation, and once all your buried and repressed fears, issues, misconceptions, and misalignments start popping out into the real world as a result of your bodily activation, you’ll have a hard time denying to yourself that you do not have considerable creative power. The depth and breadth of your creative power is something that you should ponder deeply as you walk this Lightning Path of awakening and empowerment.

The Book of the Triumph of Spirit

Activating your chakras and clearing out all the emotional gunk is only a part of the LP Intermediate process. While you are doing your work of chakra activation, which can take anywhere from a few months to a couple years, you also need to be working on right thinking. Right thinking is very important. In fact, it is critical. In fact, there is no way for me to overestimate just how important right thinking is. Go have a look at the first page of The Book of Light Volume One. Right there in big, bold, beautiful letters are the words consciousness is the root of all things. Pause and think about what that means for a moment because I can’t get any plainer. Consciousness is the root of all things and by all things I mean all things. This universe, this world, this ecosphere, your body, your brain, your life, everything starts as an idea in consciousness and so when I say that right thinking is critical, I mean it. If you want to create a physical body and brain that is free of the impotent limitations of the old world, you have to start by clearing out the ideas that manifest that limitation. If you don’t do that then don’t even bother with the chakra activation because no matter how far you get with that, the limiting ideas will eventually turn you around and deposit you right back where you started from in the first place.

Now to be honest with you, clearing out all the old world thinking and filling your brain with ideas which support the manifestation of an awakened and empowered you is not easy. First of all, the ideas that support your spiritual impotence are pervasive and ubiquitous, meaning they are everywhere, in every spirituality and religion on this earth. Ideas that limit you are even present in the scientific academy where they are extremely difficult to identify and root out. And not only are the ideas ubiquitous, but they are subtlety framed to look like authentic spiritual truths as well, and inserted at multiple levels of attainment. Trade one old world religion or spirituality for another, search high and low, it simply does not matter. You’ll have a hard time finding all the “right ideas” in one, pure, pristine, uncorrupted, pile.

Second of all, even if you do find all the right ideas (or at least most of them) in once place, you still may have a hard time absorbing and integrating. I can tell you right now that the idea that we are reborn on a wheel of Karma until we get it right and graduate to the “next level” is wrong, wrong, wrong thinking that disempowers you (that’s what they taught you in the school system, isn’t it, just take the tests until you graduate and move onto the next level). However, if your indoctrination is strong, you may have a hard time even reading those words, much less actually replacing the idea with the Truth (and if you’re skimming the surface of meaning here, and not quite sure what I’m saying, go back and reread this paragraph until you do get it). Because of this, and because we are made to be so attached to our “old world ideas,” it can take a lot of effort and concentration to complete this process of mental sanitation. But this is where The Book of the Triumph of Spirit (or just Book of Triumph for short) comes in. The Book of the Triumph of Spirit is a book and card set (a tarot card set) that helps you expose and clean out all the old world ideas percolating around in your brain. To make a long story short, the book and card system provides you with visual mnemonics and textual descriptions that allow you to identify any old world archetypes that you have floating around in your brain, and then replace them with new world archetypes. It’s complicated to describe, but simple in practice. In The Book of the Triumph of Spirit we take an old world archetype like The Fool…

…which is the idea that you are a “fool” (i.e. innocent, naive, or broken soul) on some kind of spiritual training mission, and replace this with the idea that you are a JOYFUL MASTER incarnated on this earth with an important CREATIVE mission that you have both the skill and authority to accomplish.

The difference is stark and dramatic. On the one hand you’re a school child in school learning your lessons and following some authority figure, and on the other hand you are a fully empowered creative master in your own right. Of course at this point you may not feel fully empowered, or a creative master, but that’s just because of the limiting ideas seeded into you when you were a child. Working with the Halo/Sharp tarot will help you clear all those ideas out.

I should note here that this archetypal work is detail work. You can’t just read The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, glance at the card, and be done with it. The old world ideas that percolate in your brain are rooted very deeply and it takes a bit of time to expose those roots and clean those out. Towards that end the archetypal component of this intermediate level comes in three stages. There is the book and cards (which you get for free when you subscribe to the site), additional commentary in the form of a Halo/Sharp card wheel, and finally forum discussions where there is additional explanation and discussion.  Each of these resources is designed to help you with the process of exposing and eliminating old world ideas and if it sounds like a bit of work, it is, but not as much as you might expect. When you consider the decades (and even lifetimes) of indoctrination that you are attempting to unravel, the little bit of time that you spend on mental sanitation is really quite miraculous. So miraculous, in fact, that one individual who managed to get herself off antidepressants for the first time in decades, called the Halo/Sharp deck and resources the LP secret weapon. At the risk of sounding like a big ego, I think she’s right. A casual observer will not see it, but as you delve deeply into the Halo/Sharp system you will find there is a lot of power packed into the images and the commentary. 

The Song of Creation, and The Parable of the Garden

Getting rid of all the limiting ideas seeded into your head, and clearing out those energetic chakra pipes, is the major work at this level. The Halo/Sharp deck provides the primary resources for mental sanitation, but there are other ideas you have to get rid of as well and for that there are two other resources that are provided at this level. One is The Song of Creation and the other is The Parable of the Garden. Both of these, which have been known to cause weeping in individuals, are new creation stories that provide clearly stated, truth based alternatives to the mucky and muddy versions you get as a child growing up. What is different about these stories from what you may have heard in the past is that they simply do not participate in the ugly insults, hierarchy, exclusion, and violence of other creation stories. There aren’t any threats of damnation in these stories, there are no admonitions to follow authority, there are no insulting statements about your own spiritual worthlessness, no intimation that if you don’t follow the rules you’ll be beaten or cast out, no suggestion that you’re unevolved, no nothing like that. In fact, exactly the opposite. These creation stories highlight your power and competence and are pure and incorruptible representations of your awesome spiritual glory. These stories talk about your mission and your creative work. You aren’t students in some kind of cosmic school room, you aren’t rejects of some once-lived garden, you aren’t evolving your consciousness, or participating in some galactic Mayan event, you are creating your life, this world, and this entire universe with the energetic and spiritual work that you do and all you have to do to realize that is to wake up, empower, and embrace the Truth about who you are, where you came from, and what you are doing. These creation stories will help you do that. In fact, when taken together with The Dossier of the Ascension and The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, these four resources provide you everything you need to successfully “shift” your consciousness out of the spiritual and energetic slavery of the old world. And what is so great about this is you don’t have to atone, evolve, or otherwise redeem yourself to do it. All you got to do is stop seeing yourself they way “they” told you to think about yourself, and start thinking about yourself the way you really are.

The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order

Speaking of “they,” at some point at this intermediate level you are going to ask yourself the question “why is my head filled with so much shit.”  We begin to answer that question in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order where you are introduced to the spiritual and political history of this planet. In this book you learn about the colonization of this planet and a ten thousand year struggle to shrug of the chains of this colonization, a struggle that has failed every time because of the imbalances in the energetic cauldron of this planet. In this book you are introduced to the idea of ascension, Armageddon (i.e. the struggle to remove the blindfold, see The Parable of the Blindfold), the apocalypse (i.e. the attempt to reveal truth on a global scale), the space-time tube, and a host of other advanced spiritual concepts. Depending on your background you will either find this book totally mind blowing (and possibly hard to believe), or merely a more refined and concise (and less paranoid and disempowering) statement of what you already know, or suspect. Either way, this book is an essential read and will answer many of the questions that arise as you progress through the practical components of the LP Intermediate level.

The Book of Songs

The Book of Songs is a psychological treatise on archetypes and consciousness that extends LP Psychology by looking, in some detail, at the way we think and create. This book broaches the topic of archetypes and creation. The discussion of archetypes in this book moves (IMHO) way beyond current transpersonal understandings and provides the theoretical foundation for all the work and effort you do on the Lightning Path. The book also provides a precursor to a more systematic analysis of The System that we engage in when we get to The Black Book at the LP Advanced level.

The Parable of the Room and The Parable of the Ships

After you have spent some time with the LP Intermediate materials you will begin to notice that “the shift” that I help you with is a significant shift. It changes you, changes your perspective on the world, changes your tolerance for the nonsense you see around you, and generally “shifts” you in a profound and dramatic way. Put another way, the LP takes you farther and faster than anything you’ve probably encountered in the past, and it does it in such a sophisticated and powerful way that you’ll be surprised just how far you’ve come when you look back to assess your progress. And that’s a good thing especially when you consider the difficulties that others are going to have. I mean, we’re not talking about impotent spirituality and “business as usual” dogma here, we are talking about the healing and emancipation of this planet and that will require significant changes in our lives, our perspectives, our economics, our politics, and even our social lives. Walking the LP you will find these changes are relatively easy and straightforward, and if they aren’t you have the support and help you need, but others may not have this (and may not know they even need it). Both The Parable of the Room and The Parable of the Ships help you conceptualize what this will mean for people as Spirit begins to push harder and harder on people to get them to awaken. Hopefully this will  motivate you to begin thinking about what you can do to help others out. I mean, it is always possible to drag yourself up out of the “valley of the shadow of death” (i.e. the sleepy, blindfolded state of “normal” existence) all by yourself, but it is much easier (and faster) when you have help and when the changes on this earth really get rolling past 2012 or so, we are going to need as many people awake and “doing their thing” as we can possibly manage!