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The Halo/Sharp tarot deck is a “new world” revision of the standard western tarot deck. The deck consists of 22 major arcana (or keys as they are sometimes called). These keys are based on the western tarot archetypes (The Fool, The Magician, Judgment, etc.) but are heavily revised to remove all the old world ideas and archtypes embedded in the old deck. The Halo/Sharp deck aims to be the template for all those interested in developing a new tarot system that does not participate in the hierarchy, exclusions, and justifications of the old deck.

The deck came into existence as the collaborative effort between myself the writer, and Oxo Halo the artist. As noted above, the deck currently consists of twenty two tarot keys (a.k.a. major arcana) which form the symbolic center of an entirely new archetypal system of thought, encoded in the textual representations and visual images of our watershed tarot deck (if you don’t know what an archetype is, click here)

The tarot deck and associated book, The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, are part of the Lightning PathTM Intermediate curriculum. The deck provides new non-hierarchical, empowering, and life affirming archetypes that you may use to replace several of the nefarious old world archetypes that are implanted as part of the system indoctrination we undergo. Replacing the old world archetypes in your head is an essential step in transforming your physical unit and navigating “the shift” that more and more people are beginning to wonder about (and go through).

Although the deck doesn’t provide a comprehensive collection of the archetypes we use to think, it does encapsulate many of the main old world archetypes. Those that are not covered by the Halo/Sharp deck are handled elsewhere on the Lightning PathTM.

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