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Tagalog (Philippines)

If you want to order the books through your local bookstore, print out this ISBN list and take it to them. The books are available through Ingram and New Leaf.


The Great Awakening: ISBN 1-8974557-4-7
The Book of Light: ISBN 0-9738555-2-5
The Book of Life: ISBN 0-9735379-0-6
The Dossier of the Ascension: ISBN 0-9735379-3-0
The Song of Creation: ISBN 0-9737401-6-7
The Book of the Triumph of Spirit: ***

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My Mystical Big Toe: ISBN 1-8974556-6-6
RSG-Money and the Economy ISBN 978-1-897455-11-1

Vayda Jayne Bean: Michael’s first children’s book. Suitable for crystal and indigo children. Currently comes in:

  • Vanilla : ISBN 0-9-780969-5-9
  • Chocolate: ISBN 1-8-974557-0-4

Tristan the Pirate Am I: ISBN 978-18974551-0-4

*Distributed by Ingram. **An up to date ISBN list of all my books is available here:

***The Book of the Triumph of Spirit is available exclusively from Lightning Path Press. This book is also included in the package deal, exclusively through Lightning Path Press.

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