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The concepts listed in this section are key concepts (see the left hand menu under KEY CONCEPTS for links). These are all the concepts and ideas that are introduced at the LP Core level and that you should know before moving on to the intermediate level. Here you will find definitions of things like your physical unit (i.e. your body), authentic spirituality, right thinking, and other concepts essential to developing a strong, independent, and authentic (i.e. fruitful) spirituality.

If you browse the left hand menu items or look below at the provided links (i.e. general spirituality, cosmology and theology, psychology) you’ll notice there are a lot of concepts introduced at this level. If it seems overwhelming, don’t worry. The LP Core is carefully designed and once you have read the books and articles you should have absorbed almost all of the concepts with minimal effort and struggle. The concepts here are listed just to help you identify anything that you might have missed while reading the books, so use this section of the website simply to “fill in the blanks” before moving on.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to post on the forums and ask. The forums have a special section for all questions related to the LP Core level of study. Find those forums by clicking this link.

[ General Spirituality | Cosmology and Theology | Psychology ]

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