Wikipedia Blacked Out to Fight Sopa/Pipa

Jan 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Articles

If this was Friday we could conceivably call this black Friday, but since its not let’s just call it V-DAY, a day when information flow on the internet was restricted and a global protest against legislation serving only the interests of large corporations went viral. The implications are clear. If any of the millions of Twitter users post a random link to copyright material, or if your kids sing the happy birthday song in a video on Facebook, they both go down! So take a pause for the cause, like this protest, and tweet away while you still can.

The online free encyclopedia Wikipedia has blacked itself out to protest the U.S. Sopa/Pipa act. As the provider of this petition has so eloquently pointed out, even a random link can cause a legitimate site to be shut down. Legal bills, punitive take downs, and an oppressive blackout of information are all possible.

Read more:

  • Sopa/Pipa Blackout
  • How Sopa/Pipa can Affect you

Act to protect the free and open Internet:

  • Call your representative.
  • Protest the legislation.
  • Sign the White House petition.
  • Sign the global petition.

Rejoice, for the power of the people is being heard:

  • Two Senators Change Course!

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