LP Intermediate General Spirituality – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

The following concepts and ideas are intermediate level spiritual ideas. These ideas are geared towards the initiation of awakening and the activation of the physical body.Here you’ll find ideas about the body’s energy system (chakras), the activation and/or suppression of that energy system, the practices and treatements that can overcome suppression of the energy system, what you can expect as you go through the process of awakening and activation and so on.

All of these ideas are explained and elaborated upon in the LP Intermediate level books, and in The SpiritWiki. Below you will find a short definition of each, plus a link to either the SpiritWiki definition, or a resource that provides additional explanation. You need to read the provided books in order to understand how these concepts all fit together, but once you’ve done that you can use the following list of definitions to check your progress and understanding.

Keep in mind there are more than twenty definitions so you’ll have to select Display ALL from the drop down menu below to see all of them