LP Theory and practice – Theory –

As noted elsewhere, I presume/propose to make the LP a complete system of spiritual/philosophical thought and practice. The goal of the LP is nothing less than to erase old world spirituality and old world archetypes and replace these with an authentic spirituality that is, among other things, fruitful, embodied, empowering, responsible, and accessible (see my seven pillars of authentic spirituality).The goal is not to reproduce age old inequalities, hierarchies, and misunderstandings, but to revolutionize the spirituality of this planet in a way that leads to a fundamental revolution in the political, economic, social, and psychological structures of this planet!

Big words, big claim, big ambition–I know. And obviously, a claim like this requires some justification. Part of that justification is experiential. We (and by “we” I mean those who have put into practice the LP), know the system works. In addition to the positive testimonials, we also have direct (if anecdotal) evidence of positive and healing change. We’ve also seen how the authentic spirituality of the LP can lead to difficulties in people as they struggle to deal with damage to their physical unit (hence the need for support).

In any case, there is a definite need to unpack the Lightning Path and provide an analysis of what’s going on inside. In order to do that, I’ve created two sections of this website. One, this one, is an LP theory section. Here I’ll talk in some detail about the theoretical, psychological, and sociological underpinnings of LP spirituality. In the other section, LP Symbols, I’ll talk in more detail about the symbolic and archetypal elements of the system.The goal of these two sections will be to explicate the deep theoretical underpinnings and show just how coherent and logical the LP system really is.

Of course, this is an (early) work in progress so be patient. I’ll expand the analysis in these sections as I am able over the next few months. If you find pages that seem like they are a bit “unconstructed,” that is probably because they are. The website is quite literally a work in progress and if you see work in progress, come back and check in a few days or a week or two and chances are the constructed piece will be in place.

Also keep in mind that you have to be registered to view the materials in these (and other) sections. I require registration not because I want your email address, but because I don’t want to overwhelm people.

A little bit at a time!

Read the core books, read the parables, follow along with the LP Core study and then, when you feel you are on solid archetypal and conceptual ground, come back and peruse this material.The truth is, there is so much information here, in the books, in the SpiritWiki, and it is tied together and looped around in so many different ways, and in many cases it is so novel and opposite of what you may been told, that you will simply not be able to absorb it all first go. More than anything else, stepping onto the LP is an exploration, revision, and revelation of your identity, spirituality, purpose, and existence. You can’t do that in a linear fashion. Nor, of course, is it a simple circle. It is more like a spiral staircase (as indicated in the Halo/Sharp INITIATION) card that takes you from blindfolded and veiled existence back, by measured degrees, into the full light and power of your glorious divinity.