Meditations – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Tagalog (Philippines)


The following meditations are “activation” meditations. These activations enliven your chakras, turn on your body’s energy system, and put you into enhanced manifestation mode. The Great Invocation in particular is “rotor rooter” for your body’s energy system. Use these meditations in conjunction with the Lightning Path books, and in particular Dossier of the Ascension to help identify blockages in your body’s energy system that prevents your spirit or “higher” consciousness from fully entering the vehicle.

The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is a chakra and kundalini activation sequence that is designed to bring additional amounts of spiritual light and energy into this physical world. This meditation unambiguously activates your chakras and begins the process of kundalini connection. Hold onto your hats when you start here. Once you begin this meditation, you will immediately begin manifesting all issues (i.e., fears, misconceptions, buried childhood trauma) that keep your energy system from functioning properly. There is also a long version of the Great Invocation which you can use if you’ve never done chakra visualizations before. The long version will help you get used to the visualization process. Once you’re comfortable with the long version, feel free to use the shorter, more formal, and original version of the meditation. Once you have memorized the visualization, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds several times a day to garner maxiumum effect. If you like, use the following visualization/animation as a model for what you should see in your mind’s eye.

The Great Purification The Great Purification builds on the work you do with The Great Invocation. This meditation sends a spiritual/energetic wake up call to those individuals you focus on with this meditation. You have no control over what people will do with the wakeup call. Some will move fast into spiritual awakening, others will resist forward movement like you were dragging them to the pits of hell.