Mi familia – General – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Here’s my family and I, Cape Point, South Africa on the vacation leg of a recent book tour there. There’s me, the blond with the hair in face, my brilliant wife Gina, my glorious son Niko (the young man in the wheelchair), my stunning daughter Vayda, and my divine little Tristan. Stephen my magnificent older son is missing but since he was looking after our home while we were gone, he was probably thinking of us as much as we were thinking of him.

I gotta say, SA is an amazing country. Magnificent and beautiful people. I cannot tell you how much we loved it there except to say we loved in there. But altogether too much suffering and poverty. Despite the fall of apartheid and the economic promise of globalization, millions of blacks still live in desperate poverty in this country, eking out a meager existence as slaves within the system. Formal freedom they may have, but without the energy (i.e., the money) to uplift themselves, what can they do? The System there is still set up like the system everywhere. It sucks energy from the people and deposits it in the hands of a few (see my Rocket Scientist Guide to Money and the Economy). Apartheid may have fallen, but the pain lingers on.

But that will change! As 2012 comes and goes and as the prophets who profiteered from the hype about Mayan calendars and consciousness transformation try and wipe the egg off their faces, the people of this planet will begin to see the truth and truly awaken. As that happens we will all begin to realize the power is within us and not in some ancient calendar, pole shift, galactic alignment, or evolutionary upheaval. As that happens, we will transform the world with the magical power of creation. Poverty, economic inequality, suffering, war, disease, and death will, as the ship of the old world gradually sinks beneath the waves of creation, become a thing of our horrific past. This is a gentle transformation and something to be dreamed off, welcomed, and visualized (as we do with The Great Invocation visualization below) and not feared and avoided (as many people would have it). Enough is enough, as they say. Time to move forward, reclaim our divinity, and transform this world into a fitting temple for our glorious and holy Spirits.