Nadir Experiences | The Sociology of Religion

  1. Terrifying, 30 years ago. Engaged in several consecutive days of seeking to find the spirit underlying physical reality. Led to careful bible reading as I thought I might be ignoring an obvious answer. While pacing and thinking, fell facedown on my bed, completely immobilized. entered a world lit by a purplish light, which was obscured by an endless array of irregular darks shapes floating by, like shards of broken dark glass, backlit by the light I couldn’t see the source of. Completely alone, lost, and in absolute terror. Thinking this must be the reality I was looking for, remember screaming (mentally) “I’m not ready ” a couple of times and the experience ended. I think I was led to answer my own question. Looking back feel I had a chance to call for help – and ran away instead. Haunts me still. The concept of duality now a little scary. If there be great love, might there be an equally intense field of malice and fear in the underlying reality? Do we need a guide?